• Haircuts range in price from $35 – $75 depending on the length of hair, intricacy of the style, and seniority of the stylist.
  • Kids pricing is based on children under 12
  • Kids – $30 and up
  • Neck and bang trims are complimentary for clients between haircut services.  Bang Trim visits for non-clients are $15.
Crimson Hair Studio Services Crimson Hair Studio Services Crimson Hair Studio Services

Hair Color

All Hair Color Pricing is based on the condition & density of hair, as well as how much product is used.  

  • Single Process – $70 and up
  • Gloss – $50 and up
  • Partial Highlight – $90 and up
  • Full Highlight – $110 and up
  • Balayage – $150 and up
  • Double Process – $100 and up
  • Color Correction – $100 and up
Becky Crimson Hair Studio Crimson Hair Studio Services Crimson Hair Studio Services


  • Blow Dry – $40 and up
  • Curling/Flat Iron (Additional) – $10 and up
Crimson Hair Studio Services Crimson Wedding Hair in Delaware




  • Permanent Wave/Relaxer – $100 and up
  • Conditioning Treatments – $20 and u
Crimson Hair Studio Services


  • Application – $75 and up
  • Air Brush – $100 and up
  • Lashes – $25 and up
  • Eyes Only – $40 and up
Crimson Hair Studio Services


We specialize in Keratin Bonded and Tape-in Hair Extensions. Hair is available in a variety of shades and tones. Clip-in Hair Extensions can also be customized to each clients’ haircut and color. Learn more about the Clip-In Hair Pieces and Tape-In Extensions from our stylist here.

We are Hot Heads certified.

We are So Cap certified.

Halo Couture Hair Extensions offer rich, healthy fullness with no damage and affordable, long term results!  Halo Extensions are not permanent and can be worn whenever you’d like with no salon expert needed!

Consultation is required and always free!

Crimson Hair Studio Services
Extension Options at Crimson Hair Studio

Eyebrow Wax & Tint,


Eyelash Tint & Extensions

  • Brow Wax – $15 & up
  • Lip Wax – $10 & up
  • Brow Tint – $20 & up
  • Lash Tint – $25 & up

Eyelash Extensions – Crimson Eyelash Extension Promotion:  For first time lash clients, with Sherry – Initial Lash Set:  $185 (20% Off, $220 Before Discount) Refills:  20% OFF Every Other Session  ($105 Before Discount)

Crimson Hair Studio Services

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