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Crimson Confidential:  Because the client /stylist relationship has no secrets!

crimson confidential buddy

November 19, 2014


aka  Buddy Eberwein (Facebook)

aka weirdingway (Instagram)

Stylist specialty:  Precision Haircutting

Signature style:  I don’t have a “signature style” per se.  In fact, I hope to never be known for one particular look.

Favorite hair color:  I have many favorite colors; it depends on the hair style. I tend to gravitate toward darker tones that strike me as rich and healthy.

Stylist inspiration:  Earlier in my career, I would have said Trevor Sorbie. Although over the years, I’ve found that most of my inspiration comes from the client in front of me; finding that one detail that makes their look light up inspired me to master my trade.

I love Crimson because:  Coming from the same advanced training background as Jen, I knew working at Crimson that the bar would be very high in regards to quality of work and the ability of the entire staff.  I have not been let down, even a tiny bit!

The Best Service at Crimson:  umm…that would be any service at Crimson, duh!

Favorite Product:  I have a thing for hairspray (but that’s more of a fetish)

Personal style inspiration:  I’m really creature of habit when it comes to personal style.  I need to be comfortable to function, and you’ll rarely catch me not wearing something black.

Best celebrity look:  Zef Side”  by  Die Antwoord 

Trendsetter:  Amanda Bynes :p


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