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crimson staff product picks

Our stylists aren’t loyal to a specific brand, only their clients’ style!

August 10. 2014

Buddy– KM Night.Rider or KM Easy.Rider, Bb Invisible Oil on the sides to make fades shine.

Becky Night.Rider for its not too matte not too shiny finish.

Jen-Prefers Bb Texture before drying to create some pliability before applying a pomade.

Laura– Bb SumoTech for all those hot men cut & styles!

Danielle– KM Un.Dressed, has just enough shine and hold.

Francesca– KM Super.Goo for hold and masculine seperation.

Andrea– Gritty.Business, works great with fine hair without makeing it greasy.

Mix & match products or try something new to make your Crimson style shine!

(or matte!)


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