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crimson confidential staff highlights

Whose Personal Style Inspiration Is This Quote?

Crimson Confidential Staff  Highlights:  Because the client /stylist relationship has no secrets!

June 19, 2015

Crimson Confidential Staff Highlights!

Personal style inspiration:  “ ‘Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.’ Oscar Wilde” –Jen

crimson confidential staff highlights


Favorite Hair Color: “Whatever is well suited for the individual.”          –Danielle


Trend to Look Out For: “Baby Lights, natural sun kissed highlights, and peachy blondes” –Andrea


The Best Service at Crimson: “Complimentary neck and bang trims! Keeps your style looking fresh in-between haircuts.” –Becky

crimson confidential staff highlights

Hair by Trevor Sorbie



Stylist Inspiration: “Earlier in my career, I would have said Trevor Sorbie. Although over the years, I’ve found that most of my inspiration comes from the client in front of me; finding that one detail that makes their look light up inspired me to master my trade.” –Buddy




Best Celebrity Look: “I always love Emma Stone and her ability to rock just about any hair color.” –Jeanne


Signature Style: “High heels” –Lisa


Favorite Product: “Bumble & bumble Pret-a-Powder” –Francesca


Stylist Specialty: “Bright, elegant, multi-dimensional colors and retro styling. I love to work with personality, taste in fashion, profession and, most importantly, imaginations.” –Sarah

crimson confidential staff highlights


Trendsetter: “I think anyone who has the guts to wear something unusual is a trendsetter! Because although it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, someone out there will see you and be inspired (and copy!)” –Em


Style Wish: “The newspaper print Christian Dior dress Carrie wore in Sex and the City.”    –Laura

crimson confidential staff highlights







“The amazing, talented staff.”  -Jen

“The easy going attitude and welcoming feel that all the employees exude.”  -Andrea

“I get the opportunity to learn from extremely talented stylists every single day.” -Jeanne

“We are a great team!” -Laura

“We care so much about providing a welcoming and enjoyable experience for our clients, while delivering the highest quality of color, cut and styling.” -Becky

“Coming from the same advanced training background as Jen, I knew working at Crimson that the bar would be very high in regards to quality of work and the ability of the entire staff. I have not been let down, even a tiny bit!” -Buddy

“I love working with a group of creative and talented stylists who work hard & have fun; working for Jen is the icing on the cake!” -Lisa

“Jen has created an amazing work environment!” -Danielle

“Seriously, what’s not to love?” -Francesca



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