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mens hairstyle inspiration

Crimson’s staff’s favorite styles for men:  long, curly or thin & every style between!

October 20, 2015

The Stylists at Crimson Hair Studio find inspiration across multiple platforms and are always excited to share their ideas and apply them to their favorite canvas:  you, the client!  Looks come in all shapes and colors and are always fun to update!  Men’s hair is one of our specialties, and we take pride in working with what you have to help you express yourself through your haircut.

We’ve compiled a selection of editorial pics that the Stylist’s admire, in hopes to inspire.

Men’s Style Advice:

  • Pay attention to the way cowlicks grow so your stylist can factor them into the cut.
  • Don’t skimp on product!  Using your girlfriend’s/wife’s/sister’s stuff might not be what your style calls for.
  • If you are experiencing hair loss, know that it is normal.  There are products that can help, but stressing about it is only going to shrink the follicle.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new!  A little color, perhaps?
  • Trends are trendy.  Classic is classy.  Which are you?  Get the haircut that announces your intention.
  • Your stylist will understand how to cut your hair to suit your face shape.  Trust the expert.

Advise from a stylist – Becky:  “When it comes to men’s cuts, it’s all about building a strong shape that compliments the individual’s natural structure. In order to achieve the best look for a man, I always take growth patterns and natural hairline into consideration before suggesting the best style. It is important for male clients to communicate their desired look, but to allow the stylist to customize it to the individual. One thing I do differently, is cut men’s neck hairlines to where their natural hairline should be!   Each man is different and they should work with what they have”

Men’s Style Inspiration:

Jen thinks this look is  the perfect style for the guys that wants to have a trendy cut, but lifestyle and texture won’t allow a skin fade and a long top. “This is a great style for the everyday guy that’s still ‘in’! Shampoo, towel dry, a dab of K.M Free.Hold and you’re out the door!”

mens hairstyle inspirations









For thinning hair, Jen is all about a closer crop for a sexy, appearing-effortless look.  A little facial hair helps balance out the look.

men hairstyle inspirations

Aja loves short hair on sides with tons of texture on top.  She advises, “Just make sure you fix it right, and never forget to put product in back; just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean we can’t!”

And for long looks, Aja advises,  “If you have thick wavy or curly hair, why not rock it?  Especially going into the winter months!  Make sure your hairstylist s puts enough texture throughout and on the ends.”

Note:  Beards are still in.  They will always be cool, masculine and sexy.

Another note:  Add a little color for dimension!  (We won’t tell!)

men hairstyle inspirations men hairstyle inspirations










Becky is saying goodbye to the recent trend of undercuts for men by cutting off those broccoli stems (aka top knots!)  A classic tightly tapered cut, blended into length on top, gives men versatility to wear it textured and messy or groomed tighter as occasion requires.

men hairstyle inspirations


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