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Crimson Staff Favorites: Deep Conditioners

Which Deep Conditioners Does Your Hair Need For Winter?

December 29, 2015

Your conditioner is the mainstay in your hair style program; most of us have to condition every time we wash it so it isn’t a dry, stringy mess.  The issue in wintertime is how dry hair can become even with regular conditioner usage.

Every conditioner fits a particular need & everyone’s hair has a different conditioning requirement.  You need a daily conditioner, but sometimes that needs to be supplemented with a deeper conditioning treatment.

Which deep conditioner do you need for winter & which does your stylist recommend?

Crimson Staff Favorites: Deep Conditioners

favorite is Bumble and bumble Color Minded Conditioner because of it’s versatility; it’s designed for everyday conditioning or can be left on for 5 minutes for intense conditioning.

Becky’s favorite product to help combat dry hair this time of year is Bumble and bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil.  It can be used on wet hair before drying or on dry hair to help tame fly-aways and static.  Apply to mid-lengths and ends and its’ featherlight oils will have a cumulative effect on dry, damaged hair.

Danielle’s classic favorite is  Bumble and bumble’s Super Rich  It’s a daily conditioner of the highest order & is excellent for any hair type!

For Jeanne, the trick to hydration is using the right product for your hair type. For example, people with fine hair should shy away from the word “hydrate” because the product may be too heavy for their hair. Kevin Murphy has created amazing masques for every type of hair. Use Angel.Masque if you want the moisture without the weight, and for course or curly hair hair kick it up a notch with Hydrate.Me or Young.Again. Leave any of these on after you shampoo for 3-5 minutes, a couple times a week to battle the wintertime dryness and have shiny, smooth hair all year round!

Francesca recommends Hydrate.Me mask also!  It’s her go-to mask to recommend because she loves how it gives dry hair the moisture it’s missing without weighing it down or making it too oily.

Laura’s favorite is also Kevin.Murphy’s Born.Again. It makes dry, brittle hair feel baby soft again.

Em’s favorite conditioner treatment right now is Evo’s The Great Hydrator.  It’s a moisture mask that not only adds moisture to damaged, dry hair but can also be a quick fix for a dry, flakey scalp.  “I sold it to a male client who gets a really dry, flakey scalp and I’ve cut his hair once since and saw a great improvement!”  Great for men and women for dry scalp or dry frazzled ends.

Our girl Jeanne modeling the benefits of Bumble and bumble’s Invisible Oil!


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