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the daily crimson jeanne

 A day behind the chair with your favorite Crimson Stylist


 What is the most important thing you have to accomplish in your morning before you get behind the chair?


the daily crimson jeanne

“Do good hair days even happen if you don’t share them? I don’t want to find out… #FunkyFreshFriday”

 What is it about your clients that brings you behind the chair?

A different story/fun conversation from every individual.  
 the daily crimson jeanne
When you look around Crimson, what do you see?
 A bunch of my friends having fun doing what they do best!

the daily crimson jeanneAfter you leave Crimson, where are you headed?

Biking back to South Philly to meet up with friends at a local bar or restaurant.
the daily crimson jeanne



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