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Crimson: Women In Business Photo Shoot

Our women clients have truly helped inspire Crimson’s success for these first 5 years of business.

March 10, 2016

Crimson:  Women In Business Photo Shoot

Jen Eberwein, the owner of Crimson Hair Studio, has been in the hairstyling industry for over 19 years and has found it exhilarating to meet and interact with so many strong women clients.  The positive relationships that Jen and the Crimson stylists have with their clients has evolved with their similar, ever-expanding professional goals.  Jen’s career as a Salon Owner and Master Stylist has grown into a place where beauty and strength are  part of the Crimson culture and it is wonderful to think that one of the most important things all the women have in common, besides a willingness to go the extra distance for their mission, is Crimson Hair Studio and its talented staff of creative professionals.

We wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate Crimson Hair Studio’s Fifth Anniversary by honoring the relationships which have helped build up and inspire us by hosting the Crimson: Women In Business Photo Shoot!  Our (role)models dressed as they would for a normal day at their ‘office’, and you can see the genuine happiness that each of these women works toward reflected in every photo.

Jen and the Crimson Hair Studio Staff are thrilled to share our combination words of wisdom and beautiful images of our wonderful women clients, who have helped inspire greatness in their positive professionalism and industrious creativity.  We are proud to have hosted a day of beauty involving women whose experiences created careers that express their true passions!

Jen Colloton-Eberwein.  Owner, Master Stylist: Crimson Hair Studio

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Crimson: Women In Business Photo Shoot

Is there a charity or cause you support? “Not one in particular. I like to support a lot of local businesses and non profits; I interact with so many people who support worthy causes and have skills, I like to support as many charities, artisans, and causes as possible!” -Jen

From the time Jen was a little girl, going to the salon to get her hair done was one of her favorite things  to do and she chose to became a hairstylist so she could have fun at work everyday.  Jen has since further evolved her goals to open a salon that supported her ideals of an enjoyable, professional atmosphere, where everyone works together to create a beautiful client experience.

Danielle DiLeo Kim, AIA.  Partner, Achitect & Urban Designer:  Locus Partners

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Crimson: Women In Business Photo Shoot

The secret to my success is: “Having supportive and strong partners in life and business: my husband and my business partner.” -Danielle

Danielle is inspired by personal ethic and commitment to make the world a better place through her work as an Urban Designer.  She has recently begun taking improv classes; Danielle believes that the key to your next success is frequently outside your comfort zone and the things you fear may actually be the most fun.

Ann King Lagos

Toni Renee Leslie

Co-Creators, Jewelry Designers: REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry

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Crimson: Women In Business Photo Shoot

Favorite Colors? “White, black and Realm Beige.” -Ann

Crimson: Women In Business Photo Shoot

Is there someone, real or fictitious, who has influenced you? “Malcolm Gladwell—I continually reference his theories in all aspects of my personal and professional life. And then of course there is Madonna—I basically followed every move she made in the 80’s, 90’s and on. Love her or hate her she was absolutely the first EMPRESS in my book!” – Toni

Ann is a woman inspired by nature who is able to express her visions of beauty through detail oriented jewelry design.  Raised by a vibrant, creative mother, Ann’s life and profession are inspired by her senses, excited by her fine jewelry creations, and empowered by empresses.
Toni’s sense of style is established in her engrained appreciation of fine masterfulness and stimulating, expressive opulence.  She is a talented, multifaceted artist and business woman whose creative eye sees the possibility for style everywhere.

Sheri Cole.  Executive Director:  Career Wardrobe

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Crimson: Women In Business Photo Shoot

What prop did you bring to Crimson’s Women In Business Photo Shoot to express your career? Why?
“I brought a shopping bag from Career Wardrobe’s Wardrobe Boutique. It’s a bag we give to every shopper AND every client who comes in for clothing for her job interview. It perfectly expresses what we do and says: This bag is filled with Hope, Determination and Opportunity. These are the intangibles that every woman we help comes away with as if its sewn into the lining of their new interview suit!” -Sheri

Sheri has made it her mission to inspire professional change through clothing.  She is influenced by women who exhibit hopeful honesty, live with integrity, work toward their passion, and use their time to make the world, and everyone’s day, better.



Amy Voloshin.  Founder, Creative Director:  Printfresh Studios

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Crimson: Women In Business Photo Shoot

What Inspires You?
“Pretty much everything inspires me. With textile design you can get inspiration for patterns anywhere, whether it’s the texture you see on a wall, or something amazing you see someone wearing in a coffee shop; color, texture, and pattern are everywhere.” – Amy

Amy’s trendsetting designs are cheerful with lush color and joyful, internationally appealing motifs.  All Printfresh’s designs begin by being drawn or painted by hand, and Amy’s artistic innovations are refreshed by trips to the beach; her head clears when the landscape is watercolored.


Sibyl Lindsay:  Lifestyle Blogger.  “Hipster Henry.  The Parent’s Guide to Phila PA”

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Crimson: Women in Business Photo shoot

Did you have a professional epiphany?
“When I realized that most mom bloggers out there are less about sharing good information and more about pleasing their advertisers, I decide I needed to create my own site that parents could trust. I can be honest to a fault, and as a mom in the community, I run into my readers all the time. My responsibility is to them and making sure I give honest recommendations on family-focused places to go and products.” -Sybil

Sybil is raising her two sons with inquisitive honesty, exploring and explaining of some of the best experiences in Philadelphia.  We admire Sybil’s confidence with forming and sharing her opinions and the pride she takes in her identity as mother and active member of the family community.

The Bigger Picture. Shooting the Crimson:  Women in Business Photo Shoot

The day of shooting the Crimson: Women in Business photos at Rock Paper Scissors Photo Studio was one that included great teamwork, self-expression, and an opportunity to demonstrate the beautiful ties that connect the Crimson team and clients.

Our model’s hair and make-up looks were created by Jen Colloton-Eberwein, the owner of Crimson Hair Studio, and much of the Crimson staff: Danielle, Buddy, Francesca, Em, Jeanne and Sarah.

Crimson: Women in Business Photo Shoot

Dena, Francesca, Jen, Buddy, Jeanne, Danielle, Em, Sarah

Jen chose lifestyle photographer Victoria Luxx for the shoot based on her sumptuous brand driven female photography portfolio.

Crimson: Women in Business photo shoot


Dena Merlino Scott, the woman behind Crimson’s social media and communications, was omnipresent as project coordinator, ensuring a fun, fruitful production.

Crimson: Women in Business Photo Shoot

Ann King Lagos and Toni Renee Leslie solidified the ties that bind the client stylist relationship by presenting everyone with REALM Fine Jewelry “Bond Bracelets”, for the sophisticated EMPRESS who understands the value of the symbolism and beauty of a friendship bracelet.  REALM’s jewelry pieces remind the wearer to  be both strong and kind in the same moment, to act on their dreams, and achieve goals while leaving an imprint of thoughtful acts along your path, all of which the Crimson:  Women in Business photo shoot strived to embody.  This fine jewelry piece will always stand to remind us all of the bonds we forge in our careers and lifestyles, and how the strongest ties are those of mutual support and positive friendships.

Crimson Women In Business Photo Shoot

Happy 5 Year Anniversary Crimson!


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