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Client Survey: For Many More Years of Success

We conducted a client survey:  for many more years of success, we wanted to talk to those whose style we inspire.

For our 5th Anniversary, what did our clients have to say about the level of service we provide?

(Hint:  #CrimsonRocks)

April 14, 2016

The Stylists at Crimson Hair Studio find inspiration across multiple platforms and are always excited to share their ideas and apply them to their favorite canvas:  you, the client!  In honor of our 5th Anniversary, Jen, the owner of Crimson Hair Studio, wanted to give the clients an opportunity to speak out about the salon, its services, products, and staff.  “My goal has always been to make Crimson a salon where people could come in, and in a comfortable, cool environment, get exactly the experience they wanted.  I need to know if there is anything we’re missing!”

Crimson’s 5 years of success is based largely on Jen’s vision, and the entire staff’s actions; a business strives toward stylish professionalism as a whole entity, working toward satisfying their clients.

We are pleased to share the results of our 2016 Client Survey!

We compiled a selection of of questions in hopes to inform us on areas of improvement.

 1.  Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with Crimson Hair Studio?

100% Extremely Satisfied!

  • Professional, consultative and always quality. I always feel so good about myself when I leave and that’s bc Danielle takes such good care of me!!
  • Best haircuts I’ve ever had
  • I love everyone there. My hair always looks great and I feel relaxed spending time at Crimson
  • Love my stylist & Crimson had such a friendly, inviting staff
  • Always accommodating and always willing to work with me with my erratic schedule, not to mention the attention to detail
  • I love Crimson!

2.  How would you rate the quality of the services at Crimson Hair Studio?

83% Very High Quality  17% High Quality

One response on services they’d like to see at Crimson:  I’d consider attending 60 min type classes on how to do different styles with medium/long hair… or makeup classes!  (That sounds like fun! Maybe Thursday evenings?)

3.  How would you rate the level of communication regarding deals and salon updates by means of  social media, in-shop graphics, and stylist relations?  No one said “Not Informed” or “Too Much Information”, so that’s a relief!

Modes of communication our clients find satisfying:

4.  Which of the following words would you use to describe our services and product offerings? Select all that apply:  Reliable, High Quality, Positive/Professional, Modern Styles & Techniques, Good Value for Money.

Other words to describe Crimson Hair Studio:

  • Approachable, friendly and helpful staff
  • Trust everyone who works there. All very professional
  • Friendly, knowledgeable

5.  How well do our products meet your needs?

Extremely Well 33.33%, Very Well 66.67%

6.  How would you rate the value for money of our products?

Excellent 41.67%,  Above Average  41.67%,  Average  16.67%

Which products that we carry are your favorites so we can feature them for Product of the Week or other sale?

Kevin.Murphy Shampoo & Conditioner, Kevin.Murphy Killer.Curls, Kevin.Murphy!

NOTE:  K.M Shampoo & Conditioner refills are 20% off throughout April!

7.  How likely are you to purchase our hair products?

Client Survey: For Many More Years of Success

Those who are most likely to buy products, discuss recommended investment in the suggested products with their stylist:  “I buy at my appt, based on quality, recommendations by Danielle and convenience.”

8.  How long have you been a client of Crimson Hair Studio?

75% 3+ years!


Francesca rocks!

I have been to Crimson Studio twice, my appointments were during my work day. Over the last 9 months, changes to my work schedule and available staff coverage made it impossible for me to make appointments during the work week, so I tried a studio closer to home, with a very good reputation. Needless to say, after Crimson, I am not happy with this new studio. I am returning to Crimson and can’t wait to have them update my style and color. See you soon.

Danielle is THE best – love her and don’t know what I would do without her. Like I said her work makes me feel good about myself when I leave and the cuts and color stay looking nice in between appointments. I constantly get complimented on my hair.

I had been going to Andrea for years. She is fantastic and I adore her. She repaired my damaged hair and really taught me how to take care of my hair. My mom went to her as well and loved everything she did. Unfortunately (for me) she moved! I miss her! I had also gone to Laura during Andrea’s maternity leave and she is just as amazing. Now, I’m a full-time Laura client and I’m very happy. She is excellent with color and she cuts my hair in a way that I don’t have to do much to it to have it looking good. Honestly, I would trust anyone on the Crimson team with my hair. They are a professional group and all very talented. I love it there!

I’ve been a client of Buddy’s for probably 20 years. Because of his talent and impeccable skill, I will follow him wherever he goes. As they say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. I always say when I have an appointment it’s my glamour day because I never can do what he does so it’s always a fun day. Now my husband is a client, too and he loves the cut he gets. It’s also nice that even members of the team know you by name even if you aren’t their client. Can’t imagine going anywhere else!

9.  How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?

100%  (THANK YOU!  Our clients are our greatest spokesmodels!)

10.  Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns:  your communication will help grow our community.

Keep up the awesome work, Crimson!

Keep doin what you are doing! Happy Anniversary!

More head massages while getting shampooed. Some never do it and I love it!  (Dear Anonymous:  We heard you!)


A sincere THANK YOU to those who sent their feedback.

because of you:  #crimsonrocks

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