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For Our Female Clients:  Thinning Hair Advice and Inspiration, Including Products, Techniques, and Feeling Boss

April 26, 2016

A women’s hair is as individual in every way as the woman herself, and we take pride in working with what you have to help you express yourself through your haircut, especially women who are loosing the thick hair of their pre-chemical treatment years.  We understand that every woman’s head of hair has its’ special blessings, and some may feel like their follicle blessings may fall a bit short.  The stylists at Crimson have compiled advice on maintaining what you have, and developing a style that makes you feel proud, sexy, and on point.

A Round Up Of Recommended Techniques & Products, Thinning Hair Advice and Inspiration for Women

 Jen, Owner of Crimson Hair Studio, love this cropped pixie for finer women’s hair. The shorter layers in the crown give volume and texture, while the longer front gives softness and versatility.  The highlights through the top help “rough up” the cuticle and give dimension.  Misting damp hair with Salty Dog by EVO will help prepare the hair for your finishing product such as a dry wax spray like She Bang A Bang by EVO.
Thinning Hair Advice and Inspiration for Women
Jeanne gives excellent advice on how to improve your chances of having longer, healthier hair: “Many times I see women with thinning hair try to grow it and wear it as long as they can. I think this comes from a need to compensate for the lack of density, with a surplus of length; unfortunately this isn’t always the best option. You have to remember that regular trims are key. A lot of women hate getting their hair trimmed because of the loss of length, but keeping your ends healthy promotes stronger, healthier, all over better looking hair. I’m not saying that every woman with thin hair needs to cut it into a bob or pixie, but it’s important to keep up with maintenance of you want to wear it in a longer style.”unnamed-10

Laura‘s  favorite products for women with thinning hair are are the Plumping.Line from Kevin Murphy, which is a three step system that helps make individual hair strands thicker for an all over fuller look. She also love any type of root pump, and volumising spray Root Canal from EVO is the perfect product for creating a big blow out with lots of volume, and the Haze Styling Powder is good for finishing, adding volume to blow dried hair, and textured ends.

Em offers 3 options!
1.  If you are set on having long full hair, consider getting 10-12 inch HotHead Extensions like her! The benefits are you will have length and fullness, and if you take care of them properly, your real hair can grow out while rocking this faux look (and hats look cute for when you go days without washing!)
2.  If your fine hair is already long and you don’t want to chop it, look to Rashida Jones’ layered, piecey cut for inspiration. Use Gluttony & Bride of Gluttony from EVO to shampoo and condition for maximum volume, towel dry, then spray Root Canal roots to ends and finish with She Bang a Bang for a textured, messy rocker look!
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3.  Ready to chop? To have your fine hair feel and look as full as possible look to Emma Roberts for inspiration. Towel dry and use Shape Vixen volumising lotion, Mister Fantastic blowout spray, and End Doctor split end sealant to achieve this sleek bob.  Or add some bend to the cut: use Icon Welder hot tool shaper on dry hair, style with the wand on low heat, then finish with some She Bang a Bang!
unnamed-8 unnamed-9
Francesca also endorses the Kevin Murphy Plumping.Line as a solution for woman struggling with thinning hair because the Wash, Rinse, and Body.Mass (which using eyelash thickening technology) line all work together as a team to not only creat fullness when styling daily, but long term encourages the growth of healthy hair.
Sarah encourages you to “get to the root of the problem!”  (love it!)  Once you can zero in on whats going on, it is easier to plan a coarse of action.  The K.M Plumping.Line is also endorsed because it “enlarges the strand of hair to help it appear denser and gives your scalp the best environment for new hair to grow.”  For styling,  the less heat the better. Thinning hair is usually more delicate & texture powder can give the look of teasing without the damaging effects of back combing.
Our girl Becky, a hair pro & all around all around talent, gives sound advice for cut, color and texture!  For fine, thin hair, opt for a blunt perimeter when getting a haircut; this will give you the appearance of having fuller hair. Add movement by using a dry texture spray such as Kevin.Murphy’s DOO.OVER or Kevin.Murphy’s POWDER.PUFF, a loose powder that gives instant volume. Products like these give an instant boost to flat roots or limp ends on clean hair days. In most cases, products must be used to achieve volume! Considering a color change? Going lighter with highlights or balayage give hair extra texture as well!
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Always take your style to a professional, who can personally advise ways to keep your locks locked down and looking sharp!


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