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Introducing:  Mr Mustache

& his man hair products & style!

 May 23, 2016

Mr Mustache is our manly muse, giving style and product impressions!

mr mustache

Name:  Rudi, Cat Bike Guy, Rude boy

Instagram: WhereTheMustacheGrows

YouTube: RudiElias86

Background:  Mr Mustache was born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, but spent most of his young life in Lindenwold, NJ.  He has since spent time traveling all around the country and world and lives in Philly.

Lifestyle:  Mr Mustache is a bike courier who spends most of his leisure and professional time cycling the streets of Philadelphia.  Regardless of weather or distance, Mr Mustache is undaunted on his machine, fueled by his passion for a life on two wheels.

Internet Sensation:  Mr Mustache’s pretty grey cat MJ was born in his Center City apartment & became an internet sensation; the kitty loves to ride as much as her man!  (Video below!)

Mr Mustache Says:  “I think it’s great that the Internet fell in love with MJ and I riding bikes. I just put the video up to show my mom what I was doing in the city. I had no idea the video would be liked by anyone other than mom, or go viral.”

Mr Mustache’s Crimson Stylist:  Buddy.  From our “Model Males” photoshoot.  mr mustache

Why Crimson?: Originally Mr Mustache followed Buddy from another salon, though after one visit to Crimson he felt right at home; the style of the salon was just right.

Why The Stache?:  “The day I turned 25 I faced what seemed to be a scary quarter life crisis & stopped shaving my stashe, letting it grow in its own natural way. For 5 years now, I have had an all natural mustache!”

Personal Style: Mr Mustache’s hair and clothes are based on quality and efficiency.  “I wear a helmet when I ride so my Mohawk is usually pulled back in a man bun or braided tight so it stays of my face and still looks acceptable after I take my helmet off.  I wear clothes tough enough to handle a very active lifestyle like my Fabric Horse utility belt.”

Crusade:  I support local businesses & Carrie, the owner of Fabric Horse, a women owned shop on Passyunk that handcrafts & retails utility accessories, has been invited to teach sewing workshops to village women in Zambia this summer!  Go Fund Me

Mr Mustache, our model muse, will  will be giving us the lowdown on the men’s hair products and style inspirations!

Coming Soon * First Product For Review:  Layrite Mustache Pomade

My Cat Can Ride Better Than You Can


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