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Layrite Mustache Pomade

 July 8, 2016

Mr Mustache is our manly muse, giving style and product impressions!

Product Review:  Layrite Mustache Pomade

layrite mustache pomade 1

Product: Layrite Mustache Pomade

Made From: Water soluble ingredients so it washes out easier than a normal mustache wax. It’s not an organic product, so it has a slightly unpleasant taste.

Made To: Give your mustache the hold it wants and wash out super easy with soapy water.

Style Method: Usual mustache product application:  pulled out a rice size amount of wax with my pointer finger, rubbed it from the middle of the mustache out, and twisted my ends.

Impression: Very easy to use! This pomade will have your mustache looking shiny and give it the hold you need in a matter of seconds. But when I’m riding my bicycle for an extended period of time, or the weather isn’t perfect, this pomade will lose its hold to the elements. Sometimes it’s too easy to wash out.

layrite mustache pomade 3

unnamed-2layrite mustache pomade 2

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