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complete guide to pompadours

How to get all the pomp, with none of the dull circumstances: Crimson Hair Studio’s Complete Guide to Pompadours

 August 29 , 2016
Men’s hair is our specialty, and we take pride in working with what you have to help you express yourself through your haircut, especially men who want that spectacular star in men’s styling: the pompadour. A time honoured look that emphasizes cool attitude and a blessed hairline, the pompadour is a style that, when executed with the proper tools and products, can elevate a man’s stud rating. We consulted men’s hairstyle experts Crimson Hair Studio in Philadelphia and have compiled advice on maintaining what you have, and developing a style that makes you look sexy, be cool, and rock on pompadour point.

Crimson Hair Studio’s Complete Guide to Pompadours: Recommended Techniques & Products

Owner of Crimson Hair Studio and Master Stylist Jen:  

Spray Layrite Grooming Spray in towel dried hair and comb back; this will add texture. Using a blow dryer and your hands, push hair backwards while drying completely. Lightly mist locks with Layrite Grooming Spray again and use a teaspoon size amount of Kevin.Murphy Super.Goo molding gel to work into hair to shape; this ruppery gel has a hold like no other.  Finish with Kevin.Murphy Session.Spray; its’ resin ingredients keep your style perfectly in place.

complete guide to pompadours

Francesca:  Although it looks effortless, the perfect pompadour can only be achieved with dedication! After washing, apply Kevin.Murphy Hair.Resort Lotion and blow dry from side to side until completely dry. Apply an even amount of K.M Night.Rider (for matte look), or K.M Super.Goo (for a more wet look) and rake fingers through back for separation.

complete guide to pompadours
Laura: With her Best Men’s Cut” award, Laura is no stranger to whipping a guy’s hairstyle into just the right look. She says, “Get out a blow dryer boys! A perfect pompadour takes a little bit of effort. First and most important is a good haircut (from Crimson of course!) Next up is blow drying. Use the dryer to mold your pompadour into its perfect shape. This will also help you with those pesky cowlicks. Then use a good pomade, wax, gel or paste. I love Layrite products; there is a hold and finish for any desired style. Use the product all throughout the hair (NOT just the front!) then finish your style by combing it into place. Need a little extra security? Hairspray into place for an all day perfect pompadour.”
 complete guide to pompadours

Jeanne gives excellent advice on how to bring your hair to new heights: Communication. “The most important thing men need to realize when they want to rock a nice pompadour is that hair products are your best friends, and the use of a blow dryer is strongly encouraged. It is possible to achieve the same look as your stylist, but you’re going to have to put in a little bit of extra work; the haircut can only do so much, the day to day style is up to you. My best advice is to ask your stylist what products they recommend, and have them to give you a quick tutorial.”

The pompadour seems high maintenance; you need the right: cut, product, blowdryer and technique. But high maintenance will get you high hair, and boy does that style look good! Communicate with your stylist and have them help you find the routine that works best for your look and locks.

Looking great is seldom easy, and the pompadour payoff is higher than ever!



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