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Mr Mustache & His Man Hair: Products & Style Reviews.

Layrite Grooming Spray

 September 7, 2016

Mr Mustache is our manly muse, giving style and product impressions!

Product Review:  Layrite Grooming Spray

layrite grooming spray

Product: Layrite Grooming Spray

Made From: Water, SD Alcohol 40, PVP, Fragrence, Yellow 5

Made To:  Give your hair a little bit of volume and prep it for more products

Style Method: Spray in hair and run your fingers through your hair (or use a brush if you have one of those lying around!)

Impression: I like the simplicity of the spray. Im not one to style or use lots of product in my hair, but I do appreciate clean and good smelling hair. So after a quick towel dry ill give myself a few sprays and thats all I need to maintain a fresh head.

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