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Locks of Love Crimson Hair Studio

Hair Donations made to Locks of Love at Crimson Hair Studio

Hipster Henry Mother’s Day Giveaway

Locks Of Love at Crimson Hair Studio
For Mother’s Day 2016, Crimson Hair Studio teamed up with the ever outstanding Hipster Henry for their Mother’s Day Countdown, giving Moms a chance to win a fabulous prize every day!   Crimson donated a Mommy & Me Haircut, awarding the opportunity for a deserving momma to come in for a style treat with her cutie kiddo.  

When the winners were announced, we were put in touch with Darshna, who had never been to Crimson before and was looking forward to her Mommy & Me salon experience.
Months passed, and we never heard from Darshna, but a number of reasons not to treat yourself to time in the salon can always be applied to a busy mother’s schedule.

Locks of Love

Darshna and her daughter Seyuri came to have their hair cut by Sarah.  They had waited so long to come for their Mommy & Me haircuts because Seyuri was growing her hair to donate to Locks of Love!
Darshna was kind enough to share the story of her & Seyuri’s experience:  
“Locks of Love was not around when I was a child and my mom cut my long hair really short.   I wanted to teach my daughter something special that she would find rewarding for years to come: I explained to her that her hair would go to help kids that were sick and needed it more.  Seyuri was only 4 years old when the first time she cut off nearly 14 inches of her hair.  Despite her fear of cutting it, she kept the bigger picture in mind (and it helped that she also wanted to cut it short like her mommy’s!)  
When people asked her why she cut her hair, she would tell them “Because sick kids needed it.”  The beautiful part for me is knowing that she remembered & understood the real reason why we cut her hair.
Seyuri LOVES her new haircut.  She is ready to cut it again and has asked to return to Crimson! She had a great experience and thanks Crimson Hair Studio. : )  “
Locks Of Love at Crimson Hair Studio

Seyuri’s Smile

Sarah’s Instagram post was picked up & awarded #PhillyBestHair!

Seyuri’s bold smile & brave compassion captured in this photo remind us to be thankful to those who care enough to make the world beautiful.

Locks Of Love at Crimson Hair Studio


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