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Best Hair Color Lines

The Best Hair Color Lines for Every Hair Type:  All the Color at Crimson!

February 25, 2016
The stylists at Crimson Hair Studio are experts in hair color, whose premium products, paired with creative talent, produce outstanding style results.  Color lines are an exciting element in the stylist’s trade, and each one has benefits.  Your hair color process is as individual as you, & at Crimson, we use:
  • Pravana
  • Evo
  • Olaplex
  • Baco
  • Maraes
Which color line does your stylist use to create your beautiful look, & why?

Crimson’s Color Lines:  All the Color at Crimson

Owner of Crimson Hair Studio and Master Stylist Jen
Crimson stylists have  a variety of color lines available to individually create client’s desired looks.  Every customized shade is perfectly based on the consultations I have with my clients.
We love the non-committal color & vibrant shine offered in Redken Shades or Goldwell Colorance,
Baco is perfect for low-ammonia, superior gray coverage with silky shine & vivacious reds.
Kevin Murphy is ammonia, paraben & ppd free & really improves the texture of hair!
If vibrant, fashion colors are the pick, Pravanna offers vibrant, long lasting colors, along with pretty pastels for all the current trends of rose gold, lilac, and metallic silvers.
Olaplex is the perfect compliment to every line we carry. Its strengthing & repairative qualities allow us to push the limits in hair color & produce healthy shiny results!
Best Hair Color LinesBest Hair Color Lines

Becky: I love using the Freestyle.Lightener by Kevin Murphy for my freehand lightening, better known as balayage. The consistency allows me to have control of the product when applying, and it doesn’t bleed. The Freestyle.Lightener is perfect for clients who want natural looking highlights.

Best Hair Color LinesThe Best Hair Color LinesBest Hair Color Lines

Danielle is a huge supporter of the Kevin.Murphy color line, because KM:

  • Recycles resources
  • Hair has major shine for days
  • 100% healthy gray coverage
  • Buffered with shea butter, for rich conditioning
  • Organic!
Best Hair Color Lines

Jeanne: I love Redken Shades EQ.  Shades is a semi permanent color line, so it offers versatility.  Also, it offers the opportunity to combine many different shades to come up with the perfect toner or base color. Shades is great because it is used by most stylists and salons all over the world, so I can learn not only from my co-workers but on the Instagram accounts of industry professionals around the world. I’m also a big fan of this line because for my girls (and guys) who are new to the process of coloring their hair, Shades is a quick and easy solution to dull and dry locks. A quick Shades gloss before a haircut or blow dry can add shine & smoothness for up to 6 weeks – a fun way to tweak your color without committing to a permanent change.

Best Hair Color Lines

Francesca:  When it comes to color I’m a believer glosses seal the deal. Here on Debbie, I used Goldwell Colorance, excellent for closing the cuticle after lightening, improving the integrity of the hair, & producing vibrant color that I love! Keeping up with glosses in between color services is key.

Best Hair Color Lines

Sarah: I think one of the greatest things about Crimson is that we have so many color lines to choose from. It makes it easy to give everyone a truly customized color. For me right now, I am all about the Kevin Murphy toners.  They give great range on blondes who want to be outside of the box (like yours truly). I also love that because we have options, the color can have options in tone and opacity. For example, Baco gives me a nice true color while Kevin Murphy my give me a more multi tonal color. It’s amazing to be able to create with out being stuck in one lane.

Best Hair Color Lines Best Hair Color LinesBest Hair Color Lines
Our amazing assistant Cait has a life-long love & inspiration with Hillary Duff‘s hair color!

best hair color line

Check out Guy Tang‘s work, which has been an inspiration for the kind of color work Brianna is drawn to.

Best Hair Color Lines

Stay Crimson & use our inspiration because staying stylish is always a necessity!


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