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 Styling Post-Workout Hair Advice and Inspiration, Including Products, Techniques & Tutorials

April 20, 2017
Working out in spring is the proactive way to stepping out toward your mermaid summer style!  The first sunshine air dry & chilly evenings filled with cherry blossom jogs: the level of spring activity doesn’t slow to a stroll because your style is slacking!  Styling post-workout hair is a challenge all year round, so Crimson Hair Studio stylists & workout aficionado FitCrit offer advice & inspiration, including products, techniques & tutorials.

Crimson Hair Studio stylists are active in their individual ways & their never-ending good looks are due to dynamic vitality & the one product they all agree on:  Kevin.Murphy Fresh.Hair.

Post-Workout Style Advice and Inspiration:

Owner of Crimson Hair Studio and Master Stylist Jen

I am constantly asked how to workout on a regular basis & shampoo hair less. All you need is a blow dryer, Kevin.Murphy Fresh.Hair dry shampoo, and hairspray!  You’ll have the perfect lived in look for the day & the satisfaction of knowing you started your day with a great workout!

  • Spray dry shampoo in root area of entire head
  • Use blow dryer on medium heat and rough dry to allow dry shampoo to absorb oil with the heat
  • Use your curling wand to create some texture and wave
  • Mist hairspray, allow curls to cool & run your fingers through to separate
Best Dry Shampoo

Becky:  My go-to hairstyle for when there is no saving the post sweat session is a bun hawk:

  • Starting at the top, create 3 stacked messy buns vertically
  • Any pieces that stick out weird, simply bobby pin into place,
  • Hairspray, then you’re done.
Styling Post-Workout Hair


Danielle:  Head Wrap for the Win!


Jeanne: I have fine hair that gets pretty oily really fast, and it’s hard to maintain a style for a few days in a row, especially after working out and sweating. I find it easiest to hit my roots with some Fresh.Hair dry shampoo and go for a curly hair style, maybe add a braid in the front. Don’t be afraid of a little sweat in your hair, just think of it as an additional product giving you some extra volume and texture!

Styling Post-Workout Hair
Laura: My best advice is skip the gym and always have great hair!
Styling Post-Workout Hair

Francesca: I’m a huge fan of braids for the gym and dry shampoo post gym. My hair is very straight so achieving the “effortless waves ” is actually a lot of work for me. The braid adds some texture when I take it out and the dry shampoo manages if I get a little sweaty.

Styling Post-Workout Hair

Sarah:  I’m more of a yoga girl than a gym girl, so for me my gym hair has a lot more to do with being tossed around for an hour. To help I try to work with the texture I’m going to be left with and do twists instead of braids.

Samantha, founder of FitCrit fitness reviewing website, who is a pundit of the wellness scene, offers her advice:

I am far from a hair expert, but I am somewhat of a sweat expert: “swexpert”!  I negotiate with my strands daily begging them to behave for just one more day sans shampoo. My poker straight fine hair does not always concede, therefore I have a few tactics I employ to keep them in line, including the go-to beloved baseball hat. I have a collection of them from all over, whenever I travel I pick up a cute one. I pull my hair back in a loose low bun or pony and sport my lid all day.

Styling Post-Workout Hair


Keep your spring every time you intentionally break a sweat:

you work too hard on your mind & body to forget about your style!


styling post workout hair

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