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Best Products For Thinning Hair:  Stimulate.Me & Plumping by Kevin.Murphy

best product for thinning hair

Kevin.Murphy’s Stimulate.Me & Plumping lines are designed with the needs of both men & women whose hair follicles are shrinking, receding & thinning

Plumping.Wash, Plumping.Rinse, & Body.Mass were originally designed & geared toward women, & because of their success, the Stimulate.Me line utilized similar ideas for men’s hair.

Plumping & Stimulate.Me Lines will:

  • Help prevent hair loss
  • Encourage new hair growth
  • Actually thicken the hair follicles you have
best product for thinning hair

Crimson Hair Studio stylists agree, the best product for thinning hair are the Plumping & Stimulate.Me lines from Kevin.Murphy.


Laura:  My favorite products for women with thinning hair are are the Plumping.Line from Kevin Murphy, which is a three step system that helps make individual hair strands thicker for an all over fuller look.

Francesca:  The Kevin Murphy Plumping.Line is the solution for woman struggling with thinning hair because the 3 part system, which using eyelash thickening technology, all work together as a team to not only creat fullness when styling daily, but long term encourages the growth of healthy hair.

best product for thinning hair 
Jeanne:  I advise communication & a product to repair the hair:  It’s important to to speak to your stylist about your concerns/dislikes of your hair, whether it be a receding hairline, or if you’re experiencing thinning in the crown. There are different ways to cut the hair to disguise or take attention away from these areas before reaching for your clippers and taking it all off. My favorite product for men right now is the Kevin.Murphy Stimulate.Me line. The Stimulate.Me Wash & Rinse have a nice fresh menthol scent and a cooling sensation on the scalp. Pair those with the Think.Again leave in treatment to rejuvenate the scalp and give an all over thicker appearance!  
best product for thinning hair
Crimson Client Jane opens up about her experience with the Kevin.Murphy Plumping.Line:
I’ve been using all three of the hair thickening products faithfully for several months. I have definitely seen an appearance of thicker hair. My experience with the hair plumper was a bit mixed, I feel like it holds my hair more in place then actually doing anything. It also feels / appears a bit crunchy.
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best product for thinning hair

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