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Kevin.Murphy Shimmer.Shine & Shimmer.Me Product Review:  To Brighten & Refresh!


Kevin Murphy has designed two products to brighten & refresh your hair:  Shimmer.Shine & Shimmer.Me.  The shiny beauty of both products are stunning; the benefits of the beauty of the product are truly on display!


Shimmer.Shine is gold in color & perfect for everyone to use as a fancy scented protecting or finishing spray that nourishes, protects, & adds brilliance hair.  It’s not heavy & leaves no residue.

Product Ingredients: 

  • Vitamins C & E moisturize 
  • Baobab Seed Oil provides moisturizing benefits to the hair while improving elasticity and tone
  • Bamboo Extract contains abundant antioxidants & is a rich source of Flavone, Phenolic acid, Lactone & Polyose which repair the hair
  • Immortelle is rich in antioxidants & protects 


Shimmer.Me is specially formulated for blondes; the purple tint optically brightens the hair color by counteracting yellow tones!

Product Ingredients:

  • Australian Fruit Extracts for a radiant, glossy & smooth finish
  • Babassu Oil protects and provides nutrients essential to shine, health & strength
  • Bamboo Extract helps restore the hair to increase shine, strength and manageability
  • Soy Bean Oil adds softness and smoothness

Benefits: Shine on, you crazy diamond!  


Twirl product to allow the shimmer to disperse.  Apply to damp or dry hair, & either before or after styling to protect, refresh, & shine!

Our fabulous client Anne’s Review:  I love how Shimmer. Shine gives my hair a soft healthy glow while bringing out the contrast of my high & low lights.  Sometimes I use like to use quite a bit; it tames my fullness & creates a piecier, sculpted look.

shimmer shine product review


Shimmer.Shine & Shimmer.Me is Crimson Hair Studio’s Promoted Products

Kevin.Murphy Shimmer.Shine


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