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Crimson Stylist Jeanne’s Beautifully Braided Hairstyle for Prom style was featured on Latest Hairstyles!

Check out this awesome updo coverage from Latest Hairstyles expert editors:

Braids are all the rage these days. It’s no wonder given how easy it is to create elaborate upstyles or to accent a fun, casual look. Try using different braiding methods like simple three-strand, French or herringbone braids. Test a whole new look by combining a few braid styles for a totally unique result. Braided looks also offer a great way to control long hair. Ultra-long hair can be braided, twisted and pinned to showcase your hair in a fresh way. Practice a few styles and don’t stress about it looking too neat. A soft, messy braided upstyle is tres’ chic for any occasion. Get your braid on with these Braided Hairstyles for Prom.


Jeanne’s Photo and Q&A were first!  (YAY!)

Jeanne's Beautifully Braided Prom Hairstyle Jeanne's Beautifully Braided Prom Hairstyle


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