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Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting, as well as Eyelash Extensions, are available at Crimson Hair Studio


If you are looking for a way to brighten your look without adding any cosmetics to your routine, consider Eyebrow Tinting, Eyelash Tinting, or Eyelash Extensions.  Beach days are less smudgy & mornings are easier when your brows & lashes have that extra emphasis that really make them look their absolute best.

eyebrow eyelash tinting extensions


Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting

Sherry, one of the Master Stylists at Crimson Hair Studio, is also an eyebrow expert!  “Tinting eyebrows is not just for people with light eyebrows;  it is for anyone who wants a fuller, more complete brow shape.  Your eyebrows have tiny light hairs mixed in with your darker follicles, so tinting actually helps fill in thin spaces!”

Tips of Lashes & Brows are naturally lighter, so tinting will add a sense of length & fullness.

For eyebrow & eyelash tinting, Sherry uses RefectoCil, a vegan color line that was started in 1930, Austria.  RefectoCil’s company philosophy is passionate about contributing positivially to the cosmetics industry’s growth, in a socially & stylishly-aware way.

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting lasts around 6 weeks:  this number really depends on the amount of sweating, showering, & face washing you do.

*Expert Advice:  Book your Eyebrow & Lash services in conjunction with your hair color services & have your brows/lashes done while your hair color processes!  (Drastically cutting down the time you look crazy!)

eyebrow eyelash tinting extensions


Eyebrow Shaping

To shape eyebrows, Sherry uses a combination of plucking & waxing. The wax we prefer is a creme-based, sensitive wax for all skin types.


Eyelash Extensions

Our stylists are specialists in Babe Things Eyelash Extensions!   Eyelash Extensions are the best way to get longer, fuller lashes without any cosmetics or commitment.

Eyelash extensions are an investment which require upkeep (refills every 3 weeks) but the payoff is in your lashes being long, thick, & perfect, just like you’ve always wanted.

Crimson Eyelash Extension Promotion:

Initial Lash Set:  $185 (20% Off, $210 Before Discount)

Refills:  20% OFF Every Other Session  ($105 Before Discount)

Consultations are always free!

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