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What are the benefits of having a Keratin Treatment? Crimson Expert Stylists agree: Keratherapy is the best product for smooth hair, even in rainy spring!

High humidity makes for frizzy hair situations & one of the best ways to ensure a sleek rainforest hike or spring in a city sans ponytail is a Keratin Treatment.  

Buddy, Master Stylist at Crimson Hair Studio, loves when his clients have Keratin Treatments!  He broke it down like this:

“Hair is keratin.  So Keratin Treatments wrap & fuse the frizzy hair in a silk amino acid, collagen, & moisturizers to create an extra layer on each strand.  This smooth coating removes frizz, making haircuts, & hairstyles overall, more perfect.”

benefits keratin treatment

Laura, who has been with Crimson since Day 1, is all about Keratin Treatments, “The surface of the hair is so smooth, it speeds blow-drys!  It actually cuts blow-dry times in half!”

keratin treatment benefits

Franc, our friend & a prominent beauty industry educator for TruBeauty particularly likes Keratherapy brand Keratin Treatment because the product is safer than most, “it’s non-toxic, less formeldyhides (.7%, competitors 1%) & less fumes.”


benefits keratin treatment


The benefits of having a Keratherapy Keratin Treatment include:

  • Eliminates frizz
  • Makes hair shinier & overall better looking 
  • Cuts blow-dry times in half
  • Kerathearpy is a top-line brand
  • & Keratin Treatments last up to 16 weeks! 

Keratin Promotion:

FREE Keratherapy Shampoo & Conditioner

with any full Keratin Treatment! 

keratin treatment benefits

Keratherapy Shampoo & Conditioner work together to gently cleanses & hydrates hair & can be used daily!  

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