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Introducing Kevin.Murphy’s Colouring.Angels: Crimson Hair Studio’s Favorite Coloring Treatment


Colouring.Angels is a color conditioning treatment formulated to bring your hair to its highest potential. Kevin Murphy calls it “The Lip Gloss For Your Hair”; this product brings the most radiant shine, softness, and brilliant pigment to your locks (and leaves you feeling like an angel).

Kevin.Murphy’s Colouring.Angels

Hear from Crimson Hair Studio’s Owner and Master Stylist Jen:

“Kevin. Murphy’s new color treatment line is fabulous to maintain the vibrance of your hair color – & not just fashion colors!  Colouring.Angels is an extension of Kevin Murphy’s Blonde.Angel line, reviving & enhancing every hair color. Prolong your look while adding moisture, shine, & repair!  I use Autumn.Angel on my hair to enrich my apricot rose tone.“

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With its natural and durable formula, it’s no wonder our stylists are calling it a saving grace! It is infused with :

  • Olive Leaf Extract: luminous shine
  • Green Tea Extract: flexibility
  • Linseed Oil: fortified strength
  • Grapeseed Oil: retain moisture
  • Multi-tonal Dyes: brilliant color
  • Sulfate and Paraben Free: to leave you worry free!

How to Use:

Colouring.Angels are incredibly easy to integrate into your regular routine! Simply massage in thoroughly and completely over the hair after washing. It is recommended to use after every 3-4 washes but can be used daily for extra intensity. The formula is sheer and buildable, allowing you to customize its use to your unique look.


Colouring.Angels Comes in 5 Unique Tones:

Introducing Kevin.Murphy’s Colouring.Angels

: The silver fox of the line, Cool.Angel is formulated with Silver/Ash Gray tones to give your hair a steely sheen while removing stubborn red and orange tones.


Crystal.Angel: Like a diamond lacquer, Crystal.Angel polishes up your preexisting color in a White/Ivory/Platinum Blonde topcoat.


Sugared.Angel: Composed of Sandy Brown/Beige/Toffee tones, Sugared.Angel gives your locks that sweet, warm, honey glow.


Autumn.Angel: To keep your hair warm and lively, Autumn.Angel blushes your pigment using Rose Gold/Peach/Auburn tones.


Blonde.Angel: The original Kevin.Murphy angel, revives, refreshes and brightens blonde, grey, bleached, and highlighted hair


Hear from Color Expert Sarah:

Kevin.Murphy’s Colouring.Angels actually saved my wedding!  Right before the wedding, I went swimming in the ocean & the ends of my hair got stained by my spray tan!  I used Autumn.Angel on my roots to balance the blondes & make the top of my hair warmer!“

Introducing Kevin.Murphy’s Colouring.Angels


With Kevin.Murphy’s Colouring.Angels, you’ll kiss those dull hair days goodbye and say hello to absolutely heavenly  locks!



Introducing Kevin.Murphy’s Colouring.Angels


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