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Calling all Curly Queens:  Crimson Hair Studio is excited to introduce the entire DevaCurl line!


DevaCurl at Crimson Hair Studio
Introducing: DevaCurl

We are thrilled to begin carrying the entire DevaCurl line!

With Danielle, our curly queen, at the helm of product knowledge, we will be boosting all texture & shine!

“After I had my second baby, my postpartum curls were a mess.  I was familiar with the DevaCurl line and loved the immediate and long-term results of using them.  Then, when I got involved with engaging their special curl experience and process, I knew Crimson had to bring in the products,” says Danielle.

DevaCurl’s entire line and mission is dedicated to curly hair of all types, throughout the variations in the calendar and your life, to help every curl fill their styles’ specific needs and requirements. 

One of DevaCurl’s tagline is “Curly hair is bold, natural, beautiful, and it’s our mission to celebrate your unique curls.”  That is a sentiment we can get behind!  We love bringing out the best version of your hair and DevaCurl is a great tool for us to use!  

About DevaCurl

  • Based out of NYC since they started in 1994, all DevaCurl products are both formulated and manufactured in the United States! 
  • All DevaCurl products are 100% sulfate, paraben and silicone free.
  • Also, good to know that DevaCurl products are totally cruelty-free. From their website, which was too funny not to quote, “That means we don’t test any of our products or ingredients on animals (even though, man, we’d pay money to see what a crazy-talented stylist could do with a poodle’s curls). And BTW, any animal-sourced ingredient, say, the beeswax in Set It Free, is produced in a way that doesn’t harm the little critters.”  


What is the DevaCurl Transformation Service?   

The Crimson team had the opportunity to become fully educated in the DevaCurl line from Curl Coach Ashley Cantoni.

We want to get our Curly Queens into our chairs if their curls are damaged, lifeless, or just need an overall overhaul. DevaCurl Transformation Service is more than just a haircut, it’s a change in routine in order to rejuvenate curls.  It’s a new washing, drying, styling, and product process that will absolutely impact the look and feel of your hair.  

Our model for the DevaCurl Transformation was actually our Marketing Coordinator Dena, who shares Crimson’s social media, mailings, promotions, blogs – ME!  So, with the help of Danielle’s expertise, I will tell you about my experience.

My hair is wavy and Danielle wanted the challenge of waking up an actual curl to demonstrate a full DevaCurl Transformation service. This is my “Before” picture, where you can see the curl to the ends, but the length is overall not curly.

DevaCurl at Crimson Hair Studio

First was an intense scrubbing with DevaCurl Buildup Buster!

DevaCurl at Crimson Hair Studio


  • Buildup Buster provides a deep clean with it’s pointed nozzle to specifically reach the scalp
  • Secret Ingredient:  Micellar Water – the gentle ingredient leaves curls “naked”, not “stripped”, meaning they maintain their moisture but get rid of the gunk  
  • Hydrates while cleansing  

DevaCurl at Crimson Hair Studio
Next was No-Poo Original Low Lather Conditioning Cleanser, followed by One Condition Original Daily Cream Conditioner.  

Because the sodium lauryl sulfate was removed from the shampoo, it is a no lather cleanser.  Their “No Poo” name is a reference to the removal of the super-harsh bubbles that don’t always equate to clean, healthy hair.  Instead they infused their shampoo with botanics to a healthier pH level to cleanse the scalp and follicles without stripping moisture.

DevaCurl at Crimson Hair Studio


DevaCurl’s Conditioning process during the Hair Transformation Service is crucial.  Every curl is conditioned, defined, and ‘scrunched’.  The conditioner activates and traps the moisture, sealing the curl in this stage.  

DevaCurl at Crimson Hair Studio


Hair is dried with a DevaCurl microfiber towel & slowly dried with a diffuser to define curl and avoid frizz:  the goal is not to remove the moisture, but to continue locking the curl in with the moisture.  

DevaCurl at Crimson Hair Studio


Every curl is separate, and every product regime is individualized; depending on where you are in your wash cycle or the weather, there may be variations in your product routine.  For my DevaCurl Transformation Service, we layered Light Defining Gel, Styling Cream, and their newest product addition High Shine.  

  • Light Defining Gel – Defined, soft curls from wheat and soy proteins that moisture and add shine and bounce without the crunch
  • Styling Cream – Botanically-infused and with jojoba to strengthen and tapioca starch for touchable texture
  • High Shine –  Babassu, Coconut, Pequi, Flaxseed, and Passion Fruit oils formulate this lightweight oil to seal your curls with shine

DevaCurl at Crimson Hair Studio

DevaCurl Transformation Service Success

The DevaCurl Transformation Service made my wavy hair curly, actually curly, more than beach waves.  It didn’t feel crunchy even though individual curls were emphasized, it felt bouncy!  My hair was cleansed and manipulated with natural products in a natural process that allowed the curls to come alive and be emphasized.

DevaCurl at Crimson Hair Studio DevaCurl at Crimson Hair Studio 

DevaCurl Consultations at Crimson Hair Studio

Complimentary consultations are always available at Crimson Hair Studio!  Feel free to stop by or make an appointment with Danielle or your current stylist!  You can explore the steps, practices, and products to bring out the best in your curls.


DevaCurl Promotion

Complimentary, Customized Deva Curl Treatment at your next appointment!

* Please Mention When Booking. Through Spring 2019.*





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