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Do you know how to care for your Eyelash Extensions?


If you are looking for a way to brighten your look without adding any cosmetics to your routine, consider Eyelash Extensions.  Beach days are less smudgy & mornings are easier when your lashes have that extra emphasis that really make them look their absolute best.

When our super-cool Stylist Sarah was getting ready for her maternity leave, she wanted to make sure she got her lashes done so photos with her newborn would be fabulous, regardless of her exhaustion!  

The big question is:  Do you know how to care for your Eyelash Extensions?  The better you take care of them, the longer they will last & better they will look!

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What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions are the best way to get longer, fuller lashes without any cosmetics or commitment, though they are an investment which requires upkeep!  There is a huge payoff in your lashes being long, thick, & perfect without any cosmetics. Eyelash Extensions make the eyes appear wider and more lifted, making you look younger & more bright eyed.  

Sherry is our Eyelash Extension Specialist & recommends Babe Things Eyelash Extensions, which are synthetic hairs affixed to natural lashes using a medical-grade adhesive.  There is a variety of shades, lengths, and curl styles available for your level of increase in length and volume.  

Your first appointment will generally take about 90 minutes, where each eyelash is joined with an extension.  Eyelashes have about a six-week cycle, so as lashes shed, so does the extension.  Refills to maintain your set are usually about one-hour.  

eyelash extensions

Refill Regularly!  

We call for Eyelash Extension Refills every 2 – 3 weeks.  This is the most important way you can actually prolong your set: when you wait too long to refill, you loose too many lashes & a full new set is needed.  By coming in every 2 – 3 weeks, your lashes will maintain their fullness better.  


No Oil Based Products

Avoid glycerin & oil-based products:  they will both break down/weaken the bond of the adhesive, as well as add weight to the lash connection, making Eyelash Extensions fall off.  Use mineral-based makeup & makeup removers to prolong Eyelash Extensions; mascara is not necessary when you have Eyelash Extensions, but if you do use choose an oil-free/water-based product for easy removal & only use the product on the ends.  

Find an oil-free makeup cleanser & be sure to remove all makeup daily.  Use a spoolie brush or a disposable mascara wand to comb through your lashes & remove makeup gently by sweeping up & combing them out.   

Also, don’t touch your lashes too much because you are transferring natural oils with your fingers.  

We recommend using face cleaning wipes to gently cleanse around your eyes without splashing too much water or solvent on your Eyelash Extensions.  

eyelash extensions

Treat Your Eyes Gently

Treat your eyes as though you are wearing makeup:  don’t smudge your eyes.  When cleansing, sweep up & never rub.   Clean around your eyes with a wash cloth to remove makeup; cotton is not recommended because it could tug your lash bond.  Eye creams & serums should be applied with care, & all excess blotted off!  Do not curl your Eyelash Extensions, especially heat curlers. Don’t ever try to remove, trim, or pull on your own Eyelash Extensions; you could harm your natural lashes.

Sleeping on your back or side, so you aren’t squashing your Eyelash Extensions, is recommended.  Use a satin pillowcase to reduce friction & help keep your lashes in place!  (This is also good for the condition of your hair!)

eyelash extensions

Heat & Water Warnings 

Try not to get your eyes wet for 24 hours after your service; no showering or swimming.  Direct heat is also not recommended, so no hot tubs, saunas, or cooking large pots of pasta.   


Learn more the benefits of  Eyebrow Shaping & Tinting, as well as Eyelash Extensions & Tinting at Crimson Hair Studo!


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