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Crimson’s Price Match Guarantee + Non-Authorized Retailer Warning:  We will match any price of any of our in-house brands found at an authorized retailer.  

What’s an Authorized Retailer & why should you only buy from them?  Read on! 

Having beautiful hair is an investment in both time & money on monthly salon experiences as well as on the styling products to cleanse & perpetuate your look.  Even at the most basic level, shampoo is the mainstay in your hygiene program.  There is no doubt that in an effort to save money by buying products that are less expensive at a big chain store you are potentially purchasing a damaging product: there is no guarantee that what’s in the package is what you are paying for.  Purchases from Non-Authorized Retailers could be fake, old, or a clone product.  Non -Authorized Retailers are not beauty companies & are frequently not licensed to carry salon-quality products.  

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Non-Authorized Beauty Retailers include:

  • Supermarkets
  • Drug Stores (CVS, RiteAid, Target)
  • 3rd Party Websites (Amazon)

Store bought shampoos are primarily additives, fillers and chemicals,
which make the product:

  • Less Effective 
  • Strip Haircolor & Moisture
  • Potentially Cancerous 

Benefits of Buying Salon Quality Products from an Authorized Retailer

When you buy your products online or at the drug store, know that water was added to bulk up the product, making you use more to get the job done.  “My professional shampoos last me so much longer than store bought because I use less!  Store bought shampoos contain sulfates that lather to clean the hair, but actually they strip the hair of its natural oils & color.  With products bought outside the salon, we can not guarantee the product ingredients.Salon shampoos use Sodium Laureth Sulfite which is the most gentle lathering agent available.” says Crimson Hair Studio Owner & Master Stylist Jen

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Parabens, a popular preservative in the beauty & hygiene industry, appear in the ingredient list of most store bought shampoos.  Parabens are a known cancer causing agent & should be avoided by both men and women.  The FDA still allows products with Parabens in America, though they have been banned in Europe.

Store bought shampoos frequently add color and fragrance to their products to brand them and make them more appealing to the senses.  These color & fragrance additives are both irritants and potentially cancer causing.

Stylist notes:

  • Many shampoos will deposit color to even further extend the life of your investment.

Crimson’s Price Match Guarantee

The safety & beauty of your hair is our primary concern:  we are happy to match any price of any product you find at any Authorized Retailer!  

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