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We are thrilled to release our Client Gift for 2019:

A Very Crimson Christmas Cookbook & Partnership with The Sunday Love Project!


A Very Crimson Christmas Cookbook

For our client gift this year, Crimson Hair Studio is sharing “A Very Crimson Christmas Cookbook!” our favorite recipes compiled into a collection of delicious traditions!   The Crimson team is a diverse, ever-growing crew, but the one thing they all have in common is the love for a delicious meal.  As with everything, some tastes are more decadent & others simple yet delish, each of these recipes is a tried & true winner for the holiday season!  From Cocktails to Dessert, A Very Crimson Christmas Cookbook is a complete party of international dishes representing each stylist’s favorite foods.

We are thrilled to be sharing our kitchen traditions with our fantastic clients!  So much of our time together revolves around conversations about recipes, restaurants, & groceries, we have a feeling that some of these recipes will make guest appearances at your future events.    

A Very Crimson Christmas Cookbook client gift 2019A Very Crimson Cookbook


Download or scroll through our favorite holiday flavors.  


The Sunday Love Project

The Crimson team will be extending this message of the value of a nourished soul by partnering with The Sunday Love Project, whose mission it is to share food amongst the homeless, while simultaneously building community.  We will be preparing & assembling bagged lunches as a team, but also as hospitality-oriented Volunteer Opportunities at their 19th & Walnut Street location. We look forward to supporting The Sunday Love Project & our community in the upcoming months.   A very crimson Christmas cookbook


A Very Crimson Christmas Cookbook, Client Gift 2019

We chose do give a downloadable gift & gift of service this year for many reasons.  First, we have so much SWAG at the salon right now:  free #crimsonrocks combs & pens with velvet case, bandanas, Mane Squeeze enamel pins, & luxury totes.  We love giving gifts all year, but one of our greatest role models is Kevin.Murphy, whose product line we proudly carry.  Kevin.Murphy has transformed his business to only utilizing O.W.P. (Ocean Waste Plastic); it is our goal to maintain mindful practices like this.

We hope you enjoy the special thought that was put into compiling this cookbook & that the joy of everyone’s season is abundant.  

Happy Holidays from the Crimson Hair Studio team!  We are happy to be celebrating another bright & beautiful year with you! 



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