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How to Transition to Grey Hair: Products, Techniques, and Inspiration from Crimson Hair Studio


As quarantine continues to stretch out, some of you have been having more gray hair come in then you had anticipated. Temporary root touch-up kits and color sprays are great, but some of you were thinking about going au naturale for the time being or long term & you want to know how to transition to grey hair. We are going to discuss some products, techniques, & inspiration to make the move with absolute style, soften the texture, bring a silky shine, & embrace with confidence.  

All the products below are available to purchase through Crimson Hair Studio’s online store!  Please feel free to email Jen at with any questions or for recommendations!

How to Transition to Grey Hair: Products

Sheer Gloss – Add shine & smoothness until you can get back into the salon. A sheer gloss will help the hair shaft stay sealed, so overall hair texture will be improved.

Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioners – Professional grade moisturizing shampoo & conditioners will keep the hair hydrated & aid it in moisture absorption.  Consider trying a violet based product to help neutralize & tone out any yellow or brassy tones that your natural color may have while brightening.  Loma Hair Care is sulfate, gluten, soy, & paraben free & scented with vanilla bean & blood orange!

Deep Conditioning Treatments & Masks – Hydrated locks stay smooth, right on down to the ends. Take time to take care of your overall hair health.  Crimson Hair Studio carries all types of hair masks for whatever your overall needs are! Read more about the Crimson team’s favorite hair masks!  

Oils – If you prefer to air dry your hair or like to add big-time moisture, try a hair oil.  Hair Oils are especially nice on ends until we are able to get our hair trimmed!  Kevin.Murphy’s YOUNG.AGAIN is the ultimate daily treatment for damaged and ageing hair, a weightless leave-in oil from the REJUVENATE regimen. “Infused with Immortelle to help counteract oxidation and therefore the ageing process, our intensely nurturing treatment oil delivers deep conditioning benefits that leave hair feeling soft and smooth with an overall boost to shine. Use daily to fight the fight against dry, damaged, brittle hair and to provide protection against environmental stressors, and heat damage.”



VIP PRODUCTLiving Proof Whipped Glaze is a leave in product that helps tone out brassiness in light and dark hair.  It is a whipped product that deposits temporary dyes to boost vibrance, counteract color fading, & rebalance color.  This product is available for both light & dark hair tones!  

How to Transition to Grey Hair: Techniques

Once Crimson Hair Studio reopens, healthy trims to remove dead ends will help the growth, but proper treatment and conditioning will help keep you looking polished and your locks healthy!


How to Transition to Grey Hair: Inspiration

Our stylists love to bring extra edge to their silver haired ladies: we recognize everyone’s personal style statements & strive to help you communicate your individual look! 


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We found some great sources of inspiration during our research!  

Did you see Dame Judi Dench on the cover of British Vogue?  At 85, she is the most mature woman to ever grace their cover & she looks fantastic!  

Oprah also recently did a great round-up of images called “10 Photos That Show How Beautiful Grey Hair Really Is”.  



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