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Crimson Concierge: We are excited to be offering stress-free Private Salon Appointments at our beautiful Rittenhouse Square salon.  


Crimson Concierge: Private Salon Appointments

Crimson Hair Studio has always made it our mission to make every style experience fun & fulfilling.  We recognize that 2020 has added a layer of concern to every outing, including your beauty salon visits, so we have taken extensive measures to ensure that our building exceeds the recommended procations & have put multiple safety protocols in place.  If you were a Crimson client before COVID whose health has made you unable to return, we will be opening for limited occupancy, private appointments on our closed days to better serve you. 


Benefits of Private Salon Appointments

Stress Reducer

There are many benefits to taking us up on our offer of Private Salon Appointments: not only will the lack of other people ensure you will be stress-free, moreover take into account the reduction of stress you will experience from your personalized luxe treatments & style freshening. 

Stress has been a huge health-influencer this year, & regardless of the healthy practices in place, we have all been dealing & coping with larger than usual stresses.  

We thought this article in the NY Times was very interesting: Losing Your Hair Can Be Another Consequence of the Pandemic”, ‘Doctors are seeing a huge increase in patients who have been shedding abnormal amounts of hair, and they believe it is related to stress associated with the coronavirus… In normal times, some people shed noticeable amounts of hair after a profoundly stressful experience such as an illness, major surgery or emotional trauma. doctors say, many patients recovering from Covid-19 are experiencing hair loss — not from the virus itself, but from the physiological stress of fighting it off. Many people who never contracted the virus are also losing hair, because of emotional stress from job loss, financial strain, deaths of family members or other devastating developments stemming from the pandemic.’

This year has been nuts: treat yourself to a relaxing time taking care of yourself.  


Socialize Safely

Your stylist misses you as much as you miss them!  We share such wonderfully complex relationships with our clients, it is great that we have been able to catch up with much of our clientele, but we know so many of our dearest clients are at-risk & can not be in any social setting.  The Crimson Hair Studio Team wants to be able to serve our entire community in the best way possible for their individual needs.  The quiet, calm, private setting will nourish your deepest style requirements.

Crimson Concierge: Private Salon Appointments


Philly Wedding Hair Salon Buy-Outs

One thing COVID can’t stop – LOVE & WEDDINGS!  If the most important private event of your life has been moved around or whatever the story of your forever love is, we are available to take care of your wedding party in the most intimate way possible:  contact our Salon Coordinator to discuss the potential of a Salon Buy-Out for your big day!  

Crimson Concierge: Private Salon Appointments

Crimson Concierge: Stress-Free Private Appointments 

Whatever the reason you are interested in our Private Appointments, we guarantee that Crimson will continue to offer the best in beauty!  We truly hope that everyone is doing well & hope to contribute to everyone’s wellness with mindful style & personalized attention to every individual.  Thank you for your continued trust:  you are appreciated.

We do recommend, if you are experiencing hair loss, to plan a visit with your primary care doctor to do a thorough examination to ensure the symptom isn’t a result of a deeper concern.  We are always here to help you move forward through whatever the circumstances! 



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