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Crimson Confidential:  Crystal

Because the client /stylist relationship has no secrets!

crimson confidential crystal


Stylist Specialty:  

I am obsessed with shags and rocker styles such as lived-in looking cuts with seamless layers, as well as classics like precision bobs & barbering also. 

crimson confidential crystal


Favorite Hair Color: 

I love natural dimensional colors. Highlights & bold color blocking are my thang .

crimson confidential crystal

I Love Crimson Because: 

I love Crimson because of its laid back vibes: it feels like home even though I just join the team. Everyone is super sweet and I feel really supported & inspired working here.


Favorite Product: 

The entire Kevin.Murphy Line



For style trends, I think it is all about low-maintenance “easy grow out“ hair, so cuts with more structured, weighty, heavier shapes & bolder lines are back – a total nod to the late 70’s early 80’s. 

crimson confidential crystal

Stylist Wish: 

 I am excited to continue growing with Crimson after this world crisis is over.  


crimson confidential crystal

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