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Extensions Installation Process Videos:  Everything you need to know about Hair Extensions with Crimson Stylist Sarah & Beauty Blogger Erin including benefits, treatment, & COST!  

Everything You Need to Know About Extensions 

Come get Hair Extensions from Crimson Hair Studio Stylist Sarah Young and Beauty Blogger Erin Secco:  the informative video takes you step-by-step through the hair extension process, including:
  • Benefits of applying a Gloss Treatment to hair before extension installation
  • Different types of extensions & choosing the type & length for your unique style
  • Cost of extensions, including pricing for the hair, installation, & re-installation
  • What to expect in terms of how it feels during & after 
  • How to care for your extensions, including a SUPER HANDY twist technique for sleeping 
  • Brides:  Why you should get extensions & how to time them perfectly 

Benefits of Hair Extensions

Crimson Hair Studio Stylist Sarah recommends hair extensions for anyone who is interested in adding volume, length, and color to their hair.  For Erin’s extremely long, luxurious hair, they used 18″ Hotheads hair wafts with a micro-beads installation process.  Micro beads are durable & have a lightweight silicone lining that minimizes damage & weight on the hair: “I really like working with these micro beads; they have the least amount of hair loss & fewest stress points then other tapes or bonds.  They are also best for maximum stay-in length,” explains Sarah.  

How to Care for Hair Extensions

  • Shampoo and condition as usual
  • Make sure to throughly wash between weft, but no need to condition at the root
  • We recommend Wet Brush

Erin’s gorgeous extensions on IG

Erin’s New Hair & Extension Removal

Follow Erin back to Crimson to hear about the benefits & challenges of hair extensions (especially with a broken wrist!) & watch the removal process.  Also, we LOVE her haircut & bangs transformation!

How Long Do Extension Last?

Installation is about 2 hours with no need to shampoo or style after, & removal is about 20 min.    

Depending on how you care for your extensions, as well as how fast your natural hair grows, you can expect reapplication after about 4-8 weeks. The great thing is, once you buy the hair & commit to this application process, they can be installed 3 times, which saves money after the initial investment in the hair itself.  We recommend top quality hair for the longest lasting results:  100% Remy human hair means all the cuticles are going in the same direction so the hair lasts & stays pretty longer because it lays better so you have more wear out of the same weft.  High quality hair can be curled, dyed, & treated like real hair! 

Here is a photo of Erin’s 6 weeks of hair growth & extension before the removal.

Consultations are always free & they are necessary for Hair Extensions to discuss hair goals, deposit hair purchase, & subsequent installation appointment. At your next appointment, feel free to start the discussion on your ultimate hair goals or make an appointment to stop by!


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