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The Best Curly Hair Products, Advice, and Inspiration


Curly Hair is a unique specialty, and each client’s curly hair is as individual as every curl itself.  Crimson Hair Studio has the best curly hair products, advice, and inspiration to highlight from waves to coils.

Crimson’s Curly Hair Product Selection

The Crimson Crew are all trained to handle the complexities of curly haircuts and styling, and have a few specific products they specifically recommend.  We are loyal to the smart, responsible product lines from Kevin.Murphy and Living Proof:  by utilizing methodical science in conjunction with nature’s finest ingredients, these two producers have captivated our trust and curl confidence.   

Kevin.Murphy Curly Hair Product Recommendation 

Killer Curls

Killer Curls is an anti-frizz curl defining crème that activates curls with antioxidant rich essential moisture that naturally enhances hair texture, adds strength, and smooths hair shaft. 

To Use:  Apply Killer.Curls to damp hair, and scrunch to activate!  

  • Anti-frizz curl defining crème
  • Strengthens hair with hydration and antioxidants 
  • Weightless, natural feel and motion
  • Heat protection!
  • Ideal for medium to coarse, curly or wavy hair

Kevin.Murphy Killer Curl Ingredients

Australian Fruit Extracts – resilience to harsh climates and hydrophilic properties

Bergamot Oil- balance hair and scalp

Yerba Mate Leaf Extract  -replenish hair and scalp

Watermelon Extract-  hydrate, strengthen and repair hair with rich Vitamin C and amino acids

Aloe Vera Leaf natural conditioner restores sheen and moisture

Baobab Seed Oil –  African Superfood repairs, increases strength, and moisturizes for soft, manageable hair



Living Proof Curl Line

We LOVE the entire Living Proof Curl Collection, and the Shampoo, Conditioner, and Curl Defining Gel specifically caught our attention.  The Scientists at Living Proof have conducted extensive research on every type of curl and paired every curl with a regime.  Living Proof’s care routine and products have proven to make curls 3x stronger because of their “Healthy Curl Complex” hair formula: “a biomimetic blend that forms a fortifying shield around every. single. curl.”

Living Proof Shampoo and Conditioner

Living Proof’s system begins with their Shampoo and Conditioner; this science-backed duo starts with your scalp, guaranteeing strong style foundation.  Living Proof Shampoo and Conditioner are both perfect for all curl types and are powered by Healthy Curl Complex!

The creamy, low-lather Shampoo gently cleanses without stripping hair, while the hydrating Conditioner prevents damage and encourages curl groupings for strong, defined curls.  

  • Makes curls 3x stronger
  • Transforms curls to look visibly healthier after first wash
  • Low-lather creme shampoo
  • Weightless detangling to prevent delicate curl breakage
  • Curl definition improved
  • Powered by Healthy Curl Complex

Living Proof Curl Defining Gel

Control curls without the crunch with this lightweight, humidity-resistant styling gel that enhances natural texture for frizz-free definition and style.

  • Long-lasting control without crunch or weight
  • Humidity resistant definition on all curl patterns
  • Improves curl strength 
  • Superior slip for weightless detangling

Want to explore more of the Living Proof Curl Line?  

Take the Curl Type Quiz

Read More about Living Proof Curl on Allure: “Living Proof Finally Launches a Curl Collection and We’re Beside Ourselves!”  


Recommended Techniques and Curly Hair Advice

Owner of Crimson Hair Studio and Master Stylist Jen is looking out underrepresented short, curly haircuts:  “Short, curly hair often gets overlooked when searching for products.  I work with your curl to create texture and movement in your cut. By removing weight throughout the interior of your cut, curly styles will easily fall into place with a curl-focused shampoo & conditioner, then your curl type and how much you want your curls defined will determine the product.
Danielle, our curly haired queen, says:  It’s hard to keep curls looking lush, especially in the humid Summer; it’s a long road from your hair’s roots to ends, preventing all that natural goodness your scalp produces to moisturize your curls. Killer.Curls is a product problem solver in this department, and is good for using a diffuser or air drying.


Use a liberal amount of product on really thick hair
Use dry shampoo in the root area between shampoos:  Kevin.Murphy Fresh.Hair and Living Proof Ph.D
Apply product to wet hair and towel blot, pushing product in and helping reduce frizz

Wash everyday
Excessively touch curls after they are dry
Go longer than 6-8 weeks between trims


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