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The Crimson Hair Studio team has compiled a gorgeous 2021 Wedding Style Inspiration!  


Weddings and other great blessings that bring families and friends together to celebrate in style are back!  We all deserve the opportunity to put on our favorite party shoes & get inspired to express some beautiful looks – ESPECIALLY the Brides whose grand celebrations were delayed for the past however long.  

Well, wait no longer, and keep reading to get inspired by everything that comprises a fabulous party in 2021:  beautiful hair and makeup is always a must, but also accessories and most importantly ways to express your unique personality!  

Check out this exquisite pic of our extended Crimson family celebrating the perfectly stunning wedding of Francesca and Bryan.  

2021 Wedding Style Inspiration

Francesca’s client Madalynne Intimates + Lingerie DIY wedding dress got coverage from Philadelphia Wedding Magazine – we love everything about this look!

2021 Wedding Style Inspiration

Em was also a beautiful bride recently and her advice is, “For hairstyles and makeup, I love the natural simple vibe or full-on extravagant glam.  People shouldn’t worry about their style being “classic” – one of the coolest things about old wedding photos is seeing the style of the times!  Do what you want.” 

There was lots of love among the staff for Ariana Grande’s Audrey Hepburn influenced vibe, her entire ensemble was glam yet youthful, and the matte makeup look was perfection.  Here’s more pics and makeup tutorial from Vogue!

2021 Wedding Style Inspiration

The over-arching trend we are seeing is as an inclination toward natural looks & nature-inspired accessorizing and decor, and that includes make-up:  Ryan, our MUA’s leans toward application that is “natural but effective, I loving enhancing my clients natural beauty while still making them feel like themselves.”

Crimson Owner & Master Stylist Jen’s favorite bridal trends are both traditional as well as rock and roll, “I love that every wedding is different these days, there are brides in the billowing white gowns, which I love the trend of of gorgeous clips and statement head pieces.  But you also have your brides in white leather jackets and boho braids, anything goes: your bridal style should be the most maximized, beautiful vision or version of yourself.  Romanticize your look.”

Here is our overall bridal advise:  Determine your look & discuss your long-term plan with your stylist.  Hair color changes take steps to achieve, when should you get your extensions, what are other photo-worth days so you can maximize your trial style?  Learn more about our bridal style and wedding hair and makeup services.  

Check out the gallery below and imagine your blessed bridal style, or whatever festive experience you have on your horizon!


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