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The Crimson Hair Studio team loves Living Proof PhD Dry Shampoo, so we are excited to introduce Advanced Clean.


About LivingProof

LivingProof’s product development is based around SCIENCE!  The company’s mission and methodology employs cutting-edge scientists who evolve the thinking and practices of your healthy haircare regime. 

living proof perfect hair day product review

About the PhD Line and Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is our go-to hair product to improve hair health by removing excess oil and odors, enliven gym hair, & wake up day-before styles without washing.  “LivingProof’s Perfect Hair Day’s 7 product line is a smart, cumulative way to achieve a healthier hair.  I personally saw amazing results, and especially love their Dry Shampoo:  washing my hair less means I can maintain both my hair’s health & color vibrance in-between treatments! 

PhD Triple-Action Cleaning Technology

  • Absorbs & removes oil, sweat & odor
  • Works on all hair colors, leaving virtually no powdery residue 
  • Has a time-released fragrance to deliver a light, clean scent throughout the day

Living Proof PhD Dry Shampoo benefits

  • Layer with other products to actually wash hair less
  • Ideal for most hair types 
  • Silicone-free
  • Safe & formulated for color & chemically treated hair

LivingProof Advanced Clean 

We were skeptical about LivingProof Advanced Clean because of how much we love the PdD formula, and almost felt protective over our favorite product.  But guess what, like two beautiful sisters with unique talents, both these products have a place in our hearts.  

“Advanced Clean is the best new product on the market to improve your hair health.  It’s even lighter than PhD with even LESS white residue.  If you workout frequently and are trying to improve the condition of your fine, damaged, or thin hair by washing less, this product is for you,” says Jen.

PhD Triple-Action Cleaning Technology

  • No powdery residue
  • Balances sebum levels, so you can go even longer between washes
  • Improved delivery for more even distribution
  • Refreshes the scalp & provides pollution protection

Living Proof Advanced Clean Benefits

  • Workout more without washing hair – Advanced Clean ABSORBS SWEAT around your hairline!  Before you workout, lightly spray product around hairline, nape of neck, or wherever you sweat.  Hide the powder by pulling your hair up because while you workout, Advanced Clean wicks sweat and then, refreshes scent!
  • Sleep sweat is also on this product’s radar, and the same concept applies: spray Advanced Clean wherever you sweat most before bed, pull it up in buns or braids to sleep, and shake it out in the morning!  

How to use BOTH Living Proof Dry Shampoos

Shake Can Extremely Well For Maximum Cleaning Results.  Hold Canister 6 – 10″ away from dry hair.  Section thoroughly & apply product in a sweeping motion to dirty/oily/sweaty areas.  Wait 30 seconds for the powders to activate & cleanse.  Then remove by massaging & shaking at roots with fingers or brush hair.  Apply more if needed, make sure to shake again.

Product Review: Living Proof Dry Shampoo


LivingProof Dry Shampoos Product Review: PhD and Advanced

In Short:  LivingProof PhD compared to Advanced Clean

If you have extremely fine or thin hair, especially if it’s dark, we specifically recommend Advanced Clean because the absolute lack of residue.

We love using the products in unison if your hair allows it – use the Advanced Clean before bed and before working out to absorb sweat, clean, and add texture.  PhD is the proven best product for perking up 3rd day hair, which could eventually become 4th day hair as you balance your sembum with Advanced Clean! 

Crimson Hair Studio has a variety of sizes available to personalize your style routine.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about these products and improving your hair health!  

LivingProof Dry Shampoos Product Review: PhD and Advanced



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