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Silent Appointments Available at Crimson Hair Studio:  

Salon Experiences are More than Hair Health!

silent appointments

What’s A Silent Appointment?

A Silent Appointment is a salon experience where your Stylist and our Team does not chat with you during your appointment.  All hair and style-related questions will be asked, but you will not have to feel the pressure of social interaction.  If you feel anxious or drained, or if you have had a hard morning or more, take the opportunity to have some quiet time for yourself.

How Do I Get A Silent Appointment?

When you arrive at Crimson:
Affix a HEART STICKER to your MASK.  This non-verbal communication will alert everyone to your wishes.

Is my Stylist going to mind if I choose a Silent Appointment?  

We won’t judge, ever.  We understand.

One of the greatest joys of being a Stylist is the community and conversation we share with our clients.  But more importantly, we value your mental health and our power to make your experience all about your self-care.

We love chatting, but we love you more.


Feel free to email us or call 215-545-7807 with any questions about how to make the most of your Silent Appointment, and your overall Crimson Experience.  

Thank You!

We are grateful for you trusting us with your style, and will continue to offer new ways to continue making your beauty experiences supremely beneficial – salon experiences are about more than hair health.

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