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Why You Should Prebook Salon Appointments

Live your best style life with this easy and smart advice:  prebook salon appointments! 



The hair industry has shifted in the past few years, adding a new layer of importance to prebooking salon appointments. The Crimson Team works to make themselves available and accommodating to everyone’s unique requests, including working extended salon hours select days.


An example of someone who should consider prebooking – some Clients can only come in on Saturdays, or weekdays after 5:  not a challenge to secure those limited times when you prebook.  The more specific you are with your needs, the more in-advance you will want to prebook. 

Crimson Owner Jen and the entire Crimson Team are absolute experts in communicating with our Salon Coordinators to get you in at the right time.  “Your Stylist knows your hair needs, regrowth, and service details, so they will understand the best time-frame to keep up on the maintenance, which will allow us to really maximize your time at Crimson.  Let’s talk before you leave to make sure you have an idea about when your next appointment should be scheduled,” says Ryan, Salon Manager.

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Here is a list of reasons why you should make the enlightened decision to prebook your appointments at Crimson Hair Studio.  None of these reasons impact our personal love and relationship we have with each client.  In fact, this advice is BECAUSE we love you – we want every Client to have the ease of knowing their style will stay on point throughout the seasons.  

Why to prebook:

  1.  We all have the same ‘busy seasons”:  Back to School, HOLIDAYS, Spring Fever – if your calendar is filling up, you best believe ours is too.  Stylists take vacations, have family parties, & all life has to offer as well.  We are all chasing a healthy work/life balance; prebooking ensures your & your Stylist’s busy schedules coordinate.
  2. You are too valuable to be squeezed in.  Your Stylist works their scheduled hours and we have a trusted system in place for booking at maximum capacity.  Crimson’s chill vibe is because everyone is not triple booked.  Each Client will always get their Stylist’s full attention & the Salon Coordinators love you enough to not detract from Crimson’s high standard of service.  
  3. Don’t stress yourself out waiting until the last minute & get an appointment that’s not at a time actually convenient.  Plus, the last thing you need to be worrying about is your roots showing on the morning of a special event.  Or even worse, your Stylist is booked out 2 weeks in advance & we were trying to get in before this weekend.
  4. Maintain your style!  Your Stylist and Salon Coordinator will work together to schedule you in a way that makes best sense for your schedule AND your hair maintenance.  This will save you money because product, processing time, and your overall salon experience will be locked in.  This will allow you to…
  5. Prebooking allows for BUDGETING!  Your Stylist will know how to maintain your look and your cost.  When you want to invest in high-cost hair, knowing it will only cost $3 a day if you stretch $150 over 6 weeks makes so much sense as opposed to having the question of cost looming over your next random appointment.   
  6. Scheduling in your self-love ensures your wellbeing is a priority.  Our hectic schedules are so frequently based around the needs of others, it’s special to know you have time blocked out for yourself.
  7. Some services have an “expiration date” which prebooking will avoid any lapse, for example extensions have to be moved up or removed at certain intervals, keratin treatments & perms loose their oomph.   

Average Prebooking*

Short Haircut: 4-6 weeks

Long Haircuts: 8-12 weeks

Gray Coverage: 4-6 weeks

Color Retouch: 5-8 weeks

Highlights & Hand Painted Color: 8-12 weeks

Perms, Keratin Treatments, Extensions: varies

*All times vary based on home care, growth, and style

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PRO TIP:  Book brow/lash tinting/shaping with Sherry in advance!  



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