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Want to add permanent texture to your hair:  Everything you need to know about Curl Cult’s REVOLUTIONARY vegan formula, perming process, and lasting results at Crimson Hair Studio!

What is Curl Cult?

Crimson Hair Studio has joined the Curl Cult and we can’t wait to share this outstanding process and product.  Curl Cult, whose motto is “Not your Mama’s perm”, is a vegan texture product line, working to remove the damaging images of perm solutions from days long past. Permanent texture is now possible with less damage and softer, more natural looking, wash-and-wear results. Founded and formulated over seven years in LA and Italy by celebrity stylist Janine Jarman, this new kind of perm even rethought the application process, making the average client’s dream hair come true in around 90 minutes.

Crimson Owner Jen loves being able to offer this upgraded service to her Clients who always got perms, as well as continue to offer the newest, best products on the market, including the entire Crimson Team earning Curl Cult Certifications.  From Jen, “We don’t even want to call it a perm anymore.  Let’s call it it’s full name, permanent texture treatment, because that better expresses how your hair will be fuller and curlier while minimizing your daily routine.”

Curl Cult is a permanent texture service perfect for people who want to:

  • Change their look of their hair by adding curl and body
  • Have a wash-and-go hair style
  • Revitalize natural curls (we can even do partial-head treatments!)
  • Tame or retrain cowlicks 
  • Boy Perms have been trending for a bit now, with sides shorn short and top fully curly

curl cult crimson

What Makes Curl Cult Different?

  • Vegan:  Pea protein and PisumPlex technology
  • Rich in amino acids that hydrate & protect
  • Paraben, sulfate surfactant and thio-free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Quicker, updated application with better smelling solution

How Long Does it Take & How Long Does it Last?

Your permanent process can take anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on:

  • Hair length
  • Amount of hair being permed
  • Hair condition

Curl Cult perms last about 2 – 6 months, depending on:

  • Frequency of hair washing
  • Use of professional products 
  • Hair growth
  • Hair length
  • Hair resistance 

Check out this short testimonial video and you will be convinced a curly style AT LEAST sounds fun to try!

Curl Cult Do and Don’t


  • Have a complimentary consultation with a Crimson Stylist: our entire Team is Curl Cult Certified, so you can simply chat about it with your Stylist to find out if the process is right for you or reach out to book
  • Get a gloss treatment two weeks before or two weeks after permanent texture treatment
  • Wait until after your perm to have your hair cut:  your new curls will have an updated impact on your look
  • Follow up service with Curl Cult products to optimize longevity of style and hair health


  • Hair that is already experiencing breakage should not be permed.  We don’t want to overprocess:  in most cases we can safely service colored hair up to 20 – 30 volume as well as previously permed hair. Curl Cult is best on virgin hair. 
  • Wash or secure hair tightly for 48 hours after service
  • On the day of your service, wear a shirt without a collar so it doesn’t interfere with lowest rods or get wet with water or solution

Curl Cult Product Line

The Curl Cult line product line, formulated with organic Italian ingredients in Italy, includes:

  • Refresh Hydrating Shampoo and Revive Hydrating Conditioner gently cleanse and deeply moisturize curls so they stay bright and bouncy while protecting and strengthening strands and scalp with Pisum-Protex technology
  • Magic Spell Leave-in Conditioner is your daily booster of Pisum-Protex bond, reinvigorating curl support
  • Enhance Moisturizing Curl Cream sculpts curls while reducing frizz


Check out Curl Cult on IG for Inspo! & Debbi Ryan’s FABULOUS Red Carpet Curls

Speak to our Salon Coordinator to discuss your complimentary consultation.



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