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Treat Yourself to Treatments


What are the best winter hair treatments repair and moisturize this winter?

Winter months totally take a toll on hair hydration and overall hair health, so more than ever we need the benefits of moisturizing masks, deep conditioners, and newly formulated bond-building treatments.  Extra styling and dry forced heat, as well as other excessive styling and climate issues, rob your hair of its’ natural moisture.  Obviously, we know you listen your Stylist and use heat protection products, as well as prolong washes with dry shampoo, but it’s no doubt that winter hair is the driest.

Crimson is here to make you feel beautiful this February, so explore our repair and treatment options to enhance your winter hair health!  Read more for information about some of our time-honored favorites, in-salon spa services, and promotions to entice you to enrich your hair health to battle wintertime dryness to have shiny, smooth hair all year round!   


We asked Crimson Hair Studio’s Staff:  Which take-home moisturizing treatments are the best?

Crimson Hair Studio Owner and Master Stylist Jen’s favorite hair mask is Loma Deep Conditioner. Jen’s long hair is frequently colored and heat styled, so she is a true believer in deep conditioning.  Loma’s products are organic and rely on renewable and sustainable practices. Loma’s Deep Conditioner is silicone-free and instead moisturizes with olive, caster, and coconut oils.  Another key ingredient is creatine, which rebuilds the internal structure of the follicle. 

Jen’s New Favorite bond building product is K18, which we will discuss in detail below.

Salon Note:  Our backbar conditioning treatment is ColorWoww Money Mask, which is perfect to moisturize all hair types, adds additional heat protection, and is endorsed by one of our favorite celebrity stylists Chris Appleton.  

Francesca’s favorite deep conditioner is Kevin.Murphy’s Young.Again.Masque, part of the Rejuvenate line, which nurtures the hair while combating current and future damage.  Francesca also loves Living Proof’s In Shower Styler:  Apply after conditioner in the shower to give your natural texture a little more shine.  Great for air drying all hair types. The perfect product that’s low maintenance yet still polished

Curly Queen Danielle’s deep conditioning pick is the Living Proof Restore Repair Mask.  Curly Hair requires a special kind of moisture care, and Living.Proof delivers restored cuticles and up to 70% reduction in breakage after one use!  It also has ingredients which helps hair stay cleaner, longer, so you can wash less often!  All this, plus, it won’t weigh your curls down!


Our Favorite Treatment System: Olaplex

Olaplex products are a favorite of the entire Crimson Hair Studio team, who love the immediate results, restoring damaged hair by repairing from the inside out while protecting from future damage. Their treatments link broken bonds, reduce split ends, and tame frizz with lots of beneficial moisturizers. 

Olaplex protects hair from damage while coloring, even dramatic color changes!  From a single process to color correction, when your Stylist adds Olaplex to your color process, your hair will benefit.


Our Newest Treatment: K18

K18 is treatment mask that reverses damage to restore soft strength and smooth bounce to hair.  First off, K18 isn’t your typical thick deep conditioner, this leave-in treatment is activated in 4 minutes, with hair health actually improving with use.  All hair types are repaired from overprocessing, environmental impact, and heat improving hair’s strength and elasticity.

Crimson Owner Jen is excited to introduce this product to the healthy hair treatment selections:  “K18PEPTIDE works at the innermost layer of hair, reconnecting broken polypeptide chains and disulfide bonds within each hair using technology that actually uses “biomicic technology” to reproduce and renew natural, healthy hair structure.  Over time, your hair looks and feels as though it was never processed, especially when used with a clarifying shampoo!”

Benefits of K18

– Clinically proven to reverse hair damage from: Bleach + Color, Chemical Services, Heat

– Restores strength, softness, smoothness, and bounce

– Immediate + progressive results

– Vegan, color-safe, cruelty-free

KM Everlasting.Colour – $20 add-on to any appointment through February!

Add Kevin.Murphy’s spa-like treatment to any appointment to enrich your hair salon experience as well as improve your overall hair care.

Add Everlasting.Colour Bond-Building Treatment to:

– Extends vibrancy and increases the shine of hair color

– Repairs and strengthens hair

– Builds disulfide bonds in hair (similar to Olaplex)

– Zero down time to wait! Everlasting.Colour is sprayed into your hair, blowdried, and you’re ready to go

All Take-Home Hair Moisturizing and Repairing Treatments, Conditioners and Masks are 20% OFF through February 2023


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