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Crimson Hair Studio’s Green & Tinsel EAGLES EXTENSIONS are on the NEWS! 


The only thing better than the Eagles making it to the Super Bowl, is that Crimson Hair Studio has re-defined sports style & we are stoked to announce that we were on the news TWO TIMES this week leading up to the big game for our signature EAGLES EXTENSIONS!

Jen and Erin had the fun honor of going to the PHL17 studios on City Line Ave on Wednesday, 2/8! THEN, the next day Thursday, 2/9 CBS3 came to Crimson!  Everyone wants EAGLES EXTENSIONS! The entire Crimson Team is THRILLED to be making such a sensation getting the city game-day ready!   Check out both the full videos below & GO BIRDS!

Crimson Hair Studio Owner Jen & Stylist Erin were featured on PHL17 demonstrating our signature Eagles Extensions on Monica Cryan! 

“Show Your Eagles Pride With These Hair Extensions

If you’re looking for a fun way to show your Eagles pride this weekend, why not get some green hair extensions?

Crimson Hair Studio in Center City, Phila, is going green for the birds by offering green hair and tinsel extensions.

Jen Eberwein and Erin Casey joined us on the show this morning to talk about Green extensions and give Monica a hair makeover.” READ MORE

Kerri Corrado from CBS3 came to Crimson to get our signature game-day style!  

“Super Bowl LVII: Rittenhouse salon gets into Eagles spirit

A Rittenhouse hair salon is getting into the Eagles’ spirit.

‘We are Eagles fans in here,’ Jen Colloton-Eberwein said. We love the Eagles at Crimson.’ 

That’s Colloton-Eberwein from Crimson Hair Studio on Samson Street.

Watch the full video of Jen’s interview & slick salon footage!

“People have been calling in so it’s really exciting. Everyone wants a pop of color for Sunday. … It’s so much fun. I mean with hair, it’s a lot of times, it’s every day, I need a root touch up, I need a little bit of a trim. But with this, it’s fun. Everyone is walking around showing spirit for their home team.”

She says the best part is seeing the excitement stretching from the Super Bowl to a simple extension.

“It’s so great, so great. It’s so nice to see everybody in a good mood,” Colloton-Eberwein said. “I feel like with the last couple of years and everything that’s going on, especially in the salon industry. As a hairdresser, you hear a lot — people’s problems and things. Everyone’s in such a great mood. It’s not uncommon to walk down the street and hear ‘Go Birds.'”

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