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Safe Space Certified Salon with Redken and It Gets Better Project's Hairdressers United

Safe Space Certified

For Pride Month June 2023, the Crimson Hair Studio Team has pledged to become a Safe Space Certified Salon with Redken and the It Gets Better Project’s “Hairdressers United” initiative.

Watch a series of 6 short videos to earn certification, featuring experts who discuss:

– LGBTQ+ fundamentals
– Physical safe space
– Building trust with LGBTQ+ clients
– Intersectionality of race & LGBTQ+ identities
– Gender-free pricing
– Client consultations.

Redken and Hairdressers United

Redken is passionate about their Hairdressers United Program.  “Hairdressers have the power not only to transform hair, but also to transform how people feel about themselves and empower them on their journey to self-expression. At Redken, we believe that everyone should feel safe in a hairdresser’s chair as their authentic selves, free to show up as they are, express themselves fully, and showcase their uniqueness through their own interpretation of beauty.”

The Crimson Hair Studio Team is dedicated to these ideas as well and look forward to the opportunity to continue growing more beautiful as a community.   

How to Watch Redken Videos to Become Safe Space Certified

Log onto the videos through your L’Oreal Access account and receive a free sticker for your mirror, or they are available on YouTube as well!  Here’s the Intro and Module 1 to introduce you to the panel and LGBTQ+ Fundamentals.




Learn more about It Gets Better Project

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