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Grow With Us:  Crimson Hair Studio Survey Results

Crimson Hair Studio believes in continuous growth (not in just your hair! LOL!), so thank you for your feedback keeping Crimson the best in beauty.  Our Team is dedicated to always communicating clearly with our Clients as friends, artists, and professionals, so we are sharing the Grow With Us Survey results.  We understand not all feedback is going to be great, but conversely, we value the opportunity to discuss your concerns before they become an issue or cause discomfort.  
The survey was written by Marketing Manager Dena and reviewed by Dena and Jen as we move toward the end of a successful year and prepare to open a second salon.  Jen and Dena have been working together for 10 years now, and as Crimson evolves, we communicate as a unified front to make ourselves aware of the current and potential vibe.
We read through all 100 responses.  To report findings back to you, sharing Word Clouds & Word Frequency Percentages emphasize and simplify the most popular key words in answers.

What Services Are Most Popular?

The majority of people who come to Crimson are getting their hair cut, as well as cut and color.  It gets fun when you notice that lots of people are getting their brows done too.  If you have not had your brows shaped and tinted during your color treatment, give it a try!  Keratin treatments also ranked high, so we will be sure to keep the Cezanne Keratin Promotion running, because now we have extra confirmation that our selection of survey subjects are happy with not only that treatment, but also that product!


survey results


Favorite Products

Kevin.Murphy is the top brand, in both full sized and travel size.  Second most popular ranking in the Word Cloud is “YES”, so overall, our target market is enjoying our product lines. 

There are a few clients who don’t use any products because their style or hair type does not require it, as well as a few who prefer the lessened ec0-impact of using bar products – cool with us, and also we will keep our eyes open for a professional-grade bar product.  A few others mentioned that they are open to learning more about what products would be best for them: here are a few options on better understanding our product lines and what is best for you:

  • Ask your Stylist to walk you through what they use while styling your hair.
  • Ask your Stylist what they think is best for the way you personally style at home.
  • If you you feel uncomfortable/non-committal about the pressure of talking to your Stylist about products, talk to one of our amazing Salon Assistants – they are learning about the lines every day and are enthusiastic about being helpful.
  • Ryan, our fabulous Salon Manager is an expert on the product lines and is always happy to help.  
  • Buy a travel size for a less expensive commitment.
  • We offer 20% off all retail every day, so try something new!

Here are links to our product lines if you would like to check them out.  Most have a quiz or “shop by concern” availability: 

Survey Results

Rittenhouse or Haddonfield

69% of our test audience said they will continue going to our Rittenhouse location, but many of them are interested in checking out Haddonfield.

The largest concern seems to be getting an appointment with Jen, as well as anxiety about Jen’s schedule.

A message that is challenging to convey is that Jen will continue to make her services available as much as possible to as many as possible.  Personally, my husband will ONLY get his hair cut by Jen (even though we moved and he has not had a cut in over a year now) so I understand!  Every Stylist at Crimson has been personally trained by Jen and the outstanding Team of professionals who have been part of Crimson since its inception.  Trust that anyone who is behind the chair at one of Jen’s salons will give you the best service you can imagine. 

Also, read more about the BENEFITS OF BOOKING IN ADVANCE

Jen will be in Haddonfield:




Jen will be in Rittenhouse:



The rest of the Staff will be able to split their time as they would like, including special guest appearances.  Also, it’s possible some of our past Team Members will be rejoining us in Haddonfield.  We will absolutely announce opening date and Staff availability.  Crimson Hair Studio East, located at 7 N. Haddon Ave, will be open before the 2023 Holiday Season.

What do you like best about Crimson?

Thank you for the love for individuals, as well as the overall appreciation of Crimson’s friendly, professional, great vibe.  

Survey Results

Constructive Criticism

Most people answered “Nope”!  But then there were many pleas not to leave Center City — let us use this space to reassure you:  WE ARE NOT LEAVING CENTER CITY!  A new door opening does not mean one is closing!  Everything we have done to make Rittenhouse a more beautiful place is allowing us to stretch our roots over the bridge to make Jersey a little brighter, happier, … a little more Crimson!

Grow With Us:  Crimson Hair Studio Survey Results THANK YOU

Thank you again for everyone who took the time to answer our Grow With Us Survey!  Our door, phone, email, and ears are always open.  We have dedicated ourselves to a lifetime of growth, change, evolving, and personal/professional improvement.  As you all know – CRIMSON ROCKS!  (& always will.). Lots of love, Jen & Dena

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