Cancellation and Deposit Policies at Crimson to Book YOU Better

Crimson Hair Studio is implementing new Cancellation and Deposit Policies to book you better!  We would like to maximize our booking capabilities by curtailing clients from unfortunately No Show or Late Cancelling for their appointments. These policies will enable our stylists to fill their day and our Wait List, and therefore fit everyone in sooner in our always-busy schedule!


Best Advice:  Schedule in Advance

In order to accommodate all of our clients in the most efficient manor, we encourage you to schedule in advance in order to secure the optimal appointment for your needs.


Confirmation Emails and Texts: Cancel within 48 Hours

Confirmation emails and texts will be sent out 72 hours in advance, and cancellations or rescheduling must be made within 48 hours. This will allow our stylists to fill their schedule from our cancellation Wait List.  (A Wait List you might find yourself on at some point and wouldn’t you be excited to get the call!)


Deposits for Late Cancel or No Show

We get it, things are wild and appointments have to be cancelled: not everyone has to pay a deposit, only if you Late Cancel (not within 48 hour window) or No Show.  When you schedule your next appointment, you will be asked to pay a deposit. 
After 1st Late Cancel or No Show – We ask that you pay 50% deposit of your services prior to rescheduling.
After 2nd Late Cancel or No Show – We ask that you pay a 100% deposit to schedule.
All deposits will be made with credit card upon booking and will go towards the service scheduled UNLESS No Show or Late Cancel, in which case the deposit will be non-refundable.
Communicate with us as early as possible to cancel; the earlier we know, the more likely it is we can reach someone on the Wait List.


Deposits for Extended Time Services

Services that require extended booking times, such as extensions, keratin, balayage, and corrective color, will be charged a deposit to hold the appointment for every client.  
The deposit is:
  • Based on the amount of time of the service
  • Will be taken upon booking your appointment
  • Deposit will be applied to your service cost
Even if you have been a Crimson client since 16th Street (we see you!), we are asking that you pay a deposit and trust we are doing this for everyone to better streamline services.  Most importantly, this policy ensures your stylist can properly book and complete your service and the services of everyone in the Crimson community.


We value your time and service needs and want to accommodate everyone accordingly. Please understand this benefits you as a client and ensures a perfect hair day! Thank you for your continued support!!  
Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns and we are happy to discuss.