Darcell started her career seven years ago in Scranton, PA; then, she pulled a “Jim Halpert” and moved to South Philly to train with some of the most specialized stylists in the city! Supermodel blow outs are her happy place & applying hand painted balayage is her favorite way to add dimensionality to every shade of hair. She is super excited about the Color Wow product line, particularly Dream Coat! Darcell feels that part of her job is to stay up-to-date on Bravo drama & wild documentaries; if she’s not doing hair she’s probably thrift store shopping, DIY-ing her house, or listening to celebrity autobiographies on audiobook. Darcell is inspired by the movies and musicians of the late 90’s, but she also loves recreating or updating any style, so if you’re tired of current trends, she will have you in vintage victory rolls!