Crimson Hair Studio Salon Safety Protocol



For the health of the entire community, please follow our Salon Protocol & take a moment to acknowledge the Health Release.  



Salon Protocol, Spelled Out:

Arrive On Time:  No Flexibility for Early or Late Arrivals, or Walk-ins.  If you are more than 5 minutes late for your appointment, there is a possibility that we will not be able to re-schedule you; this is not because we are inflexible, we have a strategy in place to limit to the capacity of our room.  Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to accommodate bang & neck trims.  


Come Alone:  Crimson Hair Studio will not have a waiting area –  no guests, kids without appointments, snacks, bags, laptops.  Unfortunately our snack & coffee selection, as well as the communal table seating have been removed so we can ensure social distancing.  You will only be allowed on premise if you have an appointment at the current time.  


Temp & Health Release Form: ALL Staff & Clients will have temp taken before entering Crimson, every day.  We encourage you to not leave the premises during your appointment unless necessary.  Please read & acknowledge our Health Release Form for your safety, the safety of our staff, & total environment.


Sanitization Systems Updated:  We have updated everything to the highest standards, including our overall protocol, air filters, disinfection, cape & towel procedures.  The entire staff has earned specialized sanitization certifications through Barbicide to create a safe & stylish environment for all!


Sanitize Hands Upon Entering, Wash Hands as necessary.  


Credit Card Payments & Venmo Tipping are Encouraged.  We will still have our ATM on presence if you prefer to tip in cash.  Envelopes will no longer be provided for cash tips.  


No Mask, No Service:  Masks must be worn at all times by client & staff.  Please do not take your mask off on premises.  For hair services, especially color, disposable masks that wrap around ears are best. If you come without an appropriate mask, we have masks for sale, $5 each.  We will no longer be able to trim mustaches or beards, or wax lips/chins.


Maintain Social Distance –  Sorry, NO Hugs!  Unfortunately, Social Distancing, Masks, & Time Constraints will limit the amount of conversations we will be able to share – especially when you factor in the noise of blowdryers.