Philly’s Best Hair Extensions at Crimson Hair Studio

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extensions 

Come get Philly’s best Hair Extensions at Crimson Hair Studio!  
The entire staff at Crimson is certified in a variety of hair extension services, so you don’t even have to go to a different chair to pump up the volume!
This article  takes you step-by-step through the hair extension process, including:
  • Benefits of Hair Extensions
  • Different types of extensions & choosing the type & length for your unique style
  • How to care for your extensions
  • How Long Do Extension Last? 

Benefits of Hair Extensions

Crimson Hair Studio recommends hair extensions for anyone who is interested in the benefits of adding to their own hair, including:

  • Volume
  • Length
  • Color
  • Cover split ends 


Your hair is a product of both the way you treat it as well as genetics; the sad truth is it may never reach down your back in mermaid waves or a long fishtail braid, regardless of volume-building products or supplements.  The benefits of hair extensions is instant change and exciting versatility of adding hair to your own. When celebrities claim to cut their hair, many times they just took their extensions out! 

Hair extensions are easy to add and can work with any budget.

Hair is available in a variety of lengths, textures, colors, and even create a dimensional color-service look.

Francesca lays out your options, “Extensions, like everything else, have really evolved throughout the years. We have multiple hair types to choose whatever system works best for your hair!  There are so many extension programs available at Crimson that don’t compromise the hair’s integrity:  they all look very natural & are comfortable to wear!” 

David wears extensions to add lots of length to his super cool look.


Types of Extensions

“Ultimately, your Stylist will be able to advise what extensions will minimize damage while maximizing style.  Extensions are a continuing investment:  the cheapest is not always going to be your best option.” informs Sarah. Bring images of hair style you’ve always admired and your Stylist will help determine the extensions choice that is right for your hair needs and, importantly, lifestyle.

Here is the long and the short of our hair extensions offerings.  Within each brand there are different styles, and vice versa.  Crimson Hair Studio offers:


  • Keratin Bonded
  • Tape-in 
  • Clip-in 
  • Hair Halo

Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tape-in extensions create a seamless look from root to end.  Tape-in extensions are easy for clients to maintain, long lasting, and have lots of color match options to create a customized, natural look.

Crimson Owner & Master Hairstylist Jen has been on board with every hair enhancement trick in the book, but is blown away with the tape in extension process, “It’s so fun to be able to drastically change my hair with so little damage!  You can add length, volume, pops of color!  Our extensions use quality human hair; tape-in hair extensions can be worn for 8 – 10 weeks and reapplied 3 times!  It’s a great long term investment.”


Keratin Bonded

A micro-bead installation process is durable and has a lightweight silicone lining that minimizes damage & weight on the hair:  your hair will be matched with strands of real unprocessed hair and these extensions will be attached using keratin-based glue.  “I really like working with micro beads; they have the least amount of hair loss & fewest stress points then other tapes or bonds.  They are also best for maximum stay-in length,” explains Sarah.  A few benefits of keratin bonded hair extensions:

  • Little damage because of keratin tip & quality hair
  • Lasts 4 – 6 months
  • Full head extensions are available as well as funky accent pieces, including fashion colors for pops of fun:  lavender, hot pink, baby blue!


Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in Hair Extensions are temporary hair pieces that can also be customized to each clients’ haircut, color, and style needs:  longer ponytail, thicker chignon, more volume in crown.

Our customized Clip-In’s are super easy to use, low maintenance, and perfect for one-night wear such as events – though feel free to continuing clipping that baby in again and again. They don’t compromise the hairs integrity, look very natural, are comfortable to wear, and can be worn multiple times.

We make a majority of our clip-in extensions for brides looking to amp up their up-do, but clip-in extensions are great for daily use also; you can affordably own a few different hairstyles. You can even get clip-in bangs!

Clip-in Extensions add drama to any hairstyle on any given day and have no commitment and absolutely no damage.



The HaloCouture hair piece features a ‘Miracle Wire’ halo which drapes around your crown; beautifully transform your look with no damage, no upkeep
, & all the volume!  Sherry is always rocking her halo, even in her perfect ponytail!

Halo Couture Hair Extensions offer rich, healthy fullness with no damage and affordable, long term results!  Halo Extensions are not permanent and can be worn whenever you’d like with no salon expert needed! 



How to Care for Hair Extensions

  • Shampoo and condition as usual
  • Make sure to throughly wash between weft, but no need to condition at the root
  • We recommend Wet Brush

How Long Do Extension Last?

Our high-quality hair products can be curled, dyed, & treated like real hair! 

Installation is about 2 hours with no need to shampoo or style after, & removal is about 20 min.    

Depending on how you care for your extensions, as well as how fast your natural hair grows, you can expect reapplication after about 4-8 weeks. The great thing is, once you buy the hair & commit to this application process, they can be installed 3 times, which saves money after the initial investment in the hair itself.  We recommend top quality hair for the longest lasting results:  100% Remy human hair means all the cuticles are going in the same direction so the hair lasts & stays pretty longer because it lays better so you have more wear out of the same weft.  


Pro Tips

Apply a Gloss Treatment to hair before extension installation

Consultation is required and always free!