So Much More Than Shampoo:  The Crimson Assistant Training Program prepares potential Philadelphia Stylists with precision, hands-on education!  

Crimson Assistant Stylist Training Program

The Crimson Hair Studio Assistant Training Program is the stepping stone to a full-fledged professional career as a stylist.  After the rigors of attending school & the arduous task of becoming licensed, a beginning stylist can technically become employed, it is up to them to establish goals to set-up a career in an environment where skills can be further established.  

Crimson Hair Studio is the home of many of Philadelphia’s most talented Master Stylists & our Assistant Training Program is an opportunity to hone a deeper understanding of the diverse precision within the hair industry.

“Anyone can get a job at a quick cuts kind of place, but not everyone has what it takes to get behind the chair as a Crimson Hair Studio stylist; it takes dedication to partake in a deeper level of study.  The Crimson Hair Studio Assistant Training Program ensures that whenever you sit in a chair in my salon, the stylist servicing your hair has been educated in advanced practices by the best in the field,” said  Crimson Owner & Master Stylist Jen.  “Our goal is to build a staff based on talent, creativity, and teamwork, all of which is fostered in our entry-level positions.”

The Assistant Training Program Process:  What to Expect 

Depending on your level of study, expect to train with us for 12-24 months to increase your knowledge of advanced haircutting and coloring techniques, while learning the skills to help build your clientele and develop your career as a Beauty Industry Professional. 
Specific subjects of study include:
  • Precision Cutting
  • Advanced Color Application
  • Blow Dry
  • Establishing Your Book
Salon Support is a must, but that means so much more than just shampooing heads & sweeping; you will become immersed in the arts of accommodating, initiating support, the balance of personality & professionalism, & advanced product knowledge, including backbar & color lines.  


Testimonials from our fabulous Salon Assistants who are currently enrolled in the Crimson Hair Studio Training Program:  

“I have been training at Crimson for over a year. Currently, I am working with Becky to find models for hair color; prior to that I worked with Franc doing color models. My favorite part of hair is cutting; it’s so exciting & fun!”  – Cait

“I’ve been part of the assistant program for 10 months. Buddy is teaching me precision cutting, but I’m learning from everyone. I love doing color & blondes. Extensions are pretty new for me, so I’m excited to do & learn more about that.  My favorite thing about Crimson is the freedom. I don’t feel like anyone is held back from exploring new avenues & the ability to change is encouraged.”  – Samantha

Our friends who have gone through the Training Program would like to thank everyone in their lives who have come in to model for application processes & every other studied services!  


Practice for your Interview

Here is a video of Crimson Owner Jen asking her three favorite questions to potential Crimson Candidates 

We are always hiring Salon Assistants & looking for enthusiastic, professional, potential stylists to join our skilled team.  If you are interested in joining the Crimson Hair Studio Assistant Training Program, please contact us with a Letter of Interest & Resume!